Nothing Really Happens with This Bed Bug Shutdown Notice and Implosion Threat Posted to a Westheimer Strip Center Mattress Store

“The movie finally makes a reasonable amount of sense now” after 4 years of work on it, writes producer Joseph Graham on the Indiegogo fundraising page for Nothing Really Happens, a new independent feature film from local production company The Monster Closet. What is this filmed-in-Houston movie about? It’s not entirely clear from the trailer. If you blink a couple times in the middle of it though, you’ll miss a couple of images from a scene filmed at the Wind Chimes Shopping Center on Westheimer at Eldridge, where a vacant storefront was apparently dressed up as a locked-up mattress store for filming. A notice posted to the front of the shuttered shop from a Houston “Department of Health” flashes by too fast, but if you freeze-frame it the words on the official-looking document may — or may not — help a little bit to explain the movie’s plot (emphasis in the original):


This site, The Stimple Temple, has officially become a registered offender of public safety and health due to concerns over an infestation of Cimex lectularius, otherwise known as the common Bed Bug, a parasitic insect of the cimicid family that feeds exclusively on blood. Predominately human blood.

It’s extremely ironic for this particular type of insect to permeate and invade a mattress store and we take great literary diligence in the closure of these premises. You have exactly two fortnights to remedy this problem or we will be forced to consider implosion of your building. We are fully aware we do not have the right to do this, but we are dedicated to distributing extreme precautions when it comes to Climex lectularius infestations. They are quite annoying and pointless creatures, but perhaps they will provide necessary galvanizing in your mind and place of business. Please get rid of the bugs, literally and figuratively, David.

Houston Dept. of Health

A cast-and-crew screening (open to supporters as a perk for a $25 donation on the fundraising page) is scheduled for June 26th at the Alamo Drafthouse on Mason Rd. in Katy.

Stills from Nothing Really Happens: The Monster Closet

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