Notsuoh Covers Its Naughty Storefront Bits

Naked Mannequin and Dead Flowers, Notsuoh Storefront, 314 Main St., HoustonA red sheet now covers the more lurid portions of the shocking window display including naked mannequins that had apparently distressed some passersby of Jim Pirtle’s Notsuoh on Main St., John Nova Lomax reports:

The work, by local artists Shawna Mouser and Jennifer Pod, is called VaginArt. One half of the piece consists of the lower torsos of two shop mannequins with flowers between their legs, along with a pizza-sized paper wall-hanging with a suggestive slit in it.

The other half, and the one far more likely to have caused a ruckus, consists of a blow-up doll backlit by a sleazy strobe light, parading before a background of medium-raunchy centerfolds with black electrical tape concealing their naughty bits.


Sure, the old flowers between the naked mannequin legs trick attracts attention. But is it really VaginART?

These photos were taken at the 314 Main St. display window back in August. The VaginART opening was on October 18th.

Notsuoh Storefront, 314 Main St., Houston

Photos of Notsuoh storefront: Roni Finch

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  • it’s funny how we like to think of houston as a progressive city, but when we react this way to something as tame as this, it makes me wonder…..

    for thos offended, don’t ever go to nyc or san francisco

  • Like a bad high school art project

  • I know the photographer and when I first saw the closeup shot of the mannequin right after it was taken, I loved the simple creativity and forward thinking of both the artist and the photographer for taking it.

  • some people should be banned from showing the art they create. Not because the subject material is offensive, but because the shit they proclaim as art is fraudulent & gimmicky.