Now on the Market: The Biggest Address in Town

Possibly the largest house numbers in Houston belong to this painted-brick structure at — what is it? Oh, yeah — 2101 Banks St. in Boulevard Oaks. Among the perks available with the revamped 1935 home: built-in bookcases in the entryway, a 2-story back porch overlooking a landscaped back yard, and a vastly reduced likelihood that you’ll ever receive someone else’s mail by mistake.


Inside, there are 2 or 3 bedrooms, depending on how you count, 2 full and 1 half baths, and an upstairs family room. The large brown numbers on the front undersell the home’s square footage by 69, according to the listing: That’s 2,170 for the house, and 6,250 sq. ft. for the lot. The home went up for sale last week for $495,000.

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  • You underestimate the capability of the Post Office.

    I would guess that they get mail from 2101 Milford, 2101 Lexington, 2101 Norfolk…

  • Home is over priced per square foot. The home should be sold at $210-219 a square foot, based on sales in the last year. There has not been a lot of activity in the Chevy Chase subdivision though. I can do a more thorough analysis for anyone interested.

  • Kitchen is very stark.

  • I agree with Vonroach – never underestimate the laziness or incompetence of the USPS. But this house will make it even worse because in addition to the street name transpositions (standard operating procedure), at this house USPS is likely as not to interpret the address as 1012 because the 1 is on top.

  • Never seen those numbers in the aisles at Lowes or Home Depot…

    As an aside, I’ve seen a few houses with neon numbers around. One’s right around Branard/Woodhead I believe. Who goes through the time and expense for a *neon* house number?(much less, giant, 6-foot tall ones and mounts them).

  • Those house numbers could be a protest. Maybe a nit-picking civic club told them they had undersized (there is a legal minimum) numbers before and the owners decided to give them what they wanted.

  • I LOVE the house numbers. I also love the sitting room with all of the wonderful bookshelves. Sadly, the rest of the interiors don’t quite live up to the hype.

  • Love the spiral staircase leading to the loft. They are always fun to use (everytime you decend them, you can pretend you’re recreating the opening credits to Doris Day’s TV series!) Friendly word of advise, though – don’t invite your friends to use them if they are too…um, robust. It’s not pretty…

  • I grew up on this. Those numbers have been there since the early 90’s at least and they were not put up out of protest (although that would be funny)… I always liked them.

  • I grew up on this *block

  • I love the Chevy Chase area. I lived at the Lofts on Post oak bldg for years. Next door to Chevy chase.

  • We lived across the street from this house from 1985 – 1991. The numbers were there then!

  • Boswell & Keeland what do you think of the Chevy Chase price changes in the last 3-5 years? 5-10years ?

  • I live in the area and have never heard of it referred to as Chevy Chase, so I’m not sure what some of the posters above are talking about. I was shocked at how low this price was for the neighborhood, unbelievable as it sounds. In looking at the pictures, I’m pretty sure this is a converted duplex (still quite a few duplexes on that part of Banks), which would explain the small galley kitchen, the finish level on some of the rooms, and the strange layout including the upstairs family room. Regardless, the numbers make this a landmark of sorts … I’ve always suspected the numbers were put in place for chemically altered pizza delivery people.

  • Here goes a market analysis for the sub division. It has all property types, because there are a few multi-family units being sold this year. Enjoy..

    I can get more thorough or explain better if you have any questions.

  • Chevy Chase according to MLS.

  • Chevy Chase according to HCAD and the block books, and has been since 1928.

  • Hey Realtypro guy- I looked at your analysis. A townhouse on “5510 Chevy Chase Drive” might have the words Chevy Chase in its address, but it is not in the same neighborhood as this property on Banks.
    The legal subdivision “Chevy Chase” is in the Boulevard Oaks area. That townhouse you put in there is out past the Galleria.

  • Hi Harold it is legally in the Chevy Chase subdivision according to Hcad. Unless they made a mistake.

  • Hi Harold just got off phone with Hcad and they did make a mistake. I will redo cma. Thanks Harold.

  • Good morning everyone… Ok, now I modified the CDA (market analysis) for only Single Family Homes and strictly only homes in Chevy Chase Subdivision that were on the market for 2011-2012. For an ADDED BONUS, I also put in the FULL PHOTO REPORT OF EACH HOME. So you can see what the homes looked like that sold or didn’t sell. ENJOY !!

  • I agree, the kitchen is very stark and bland. In my opinion, the house itself is not bad, nothing that a bit of updating and some new paint can’t fix. With the house address as big as it is, no one will have an excuse for missing it.

  • I’m not a realtor, I stand corrected on the “Chevy Chase” comment. At least colloquially, this neighborhood is not referred to as Chevy Chase but as Boulevard Oaks or sometimes (technically incorrectly) as Southampton. HCAD has it’s own terms from very old subdivision maps and I suspect this refers to the tiny civic association. A more complete list of comparables would be to go from about 1600-2100 on Banks and the other streets surrounding the house.
    Regardless, the finish levels and layout of the house in question indicate that it was a duplex at one point, but with a little work this looks like it could be really nice place for a decent starting price in that ‘hood.

  • It could just be the lighting in those pictures, but it all looks very Caribbean (at the very least, the exterior shots!). I might have to drive through there and see if the whole neighborhood looks like that.

  • Yea the home is priced pretty well. I would offer 450k on the home as I always like to buy at a great price. The land / neighborhood is what is selling this house. The house is not that great, it is the neighborhood that is outstanding. A investor may come in and just tear it down, and build a spectacular new home. Nice meeting all your guys/girls.

  • Anon the area has very traditional atmosphere. 95% of the homes in the area are very well kept up and up to date. A few homes built after 2000, but even those are very traditional. I bet the HOA has to approve any build, in order to keep the area clean and well preserved.

  • This is what I love about Houston. So many intowners are both incredibly ballsy and deeply insane.

  • As far as I can see this is not a terrace house as it seems to be free standing and thus is detached from any other property. Thus a “detached proerty” would be the correct description of what one see here. Just a quibble.

  • This house has been sold; re-listed @ $475K on 7/10, closed 8/24 for $450K. Margie Beegles is selling the contents this weekend.