Now Visible from Google Maps: The Jet Set Life in Memorial Forest

It’s certainly not the first aircraft to show up in a Google Maps satellite view, but this Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 found lounging on Broken Bough St. just east of Gessner may be the first to be found through a real estate listing. A reader came across a portion of the airplane image in the HAR map view of this 1961 Memorial Forest Ranch listed for sale one street over. The home features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a den with fireplace and backyard view, and is conveniently located on the flight path to Hobby Airport.


Images: Google Maps

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  • At last we can tell in what sequence the RGB sensors of the satellite are firing and if someone had the patience, they could calculate the shutter speed too.

  • My house is under the flight path to the West Houston Airport, but when they’re up several thousand feet, your fine china isn’t at risk.

  • I live in Montrose along the flight path to Hobby but they are high enough that the noise is not that big a deal. But I guess they could fall on top of my house at some point.

    However, when I was growing up in Nottingham Forest in the late ’60s, the private jets coming into Andrau flew right over my bedroom. On foggy nights I got really nervous. Couldn’t wait to go to college where all I had to worry about were flash floods.

  • Wow I’ve never seen that!
    So cool!

  • Depending on the wind direction, the flight path to land at Hobby starts west of the Galleria, then comes east over Greenway Plaza, Montrose, the Third Ward, and southeast nabes. I live right under it and it was annoying until I got some new insulation in the attic, which eliminated the noise in my bedroom. I kind of enjoy watching the jets come in low overhead at night, when they have their lights on and I’ve got a stiff drink in my hand.

  • Wow, that is practically right on top of my house. That’s kind of unnerving.

  • Watch out everyone!!! That’s a plate transporting Jesse Jackson’s and his Rainbow Coalition – coming to Houston to save the oppressed from further demise!!!

  • Paging Magic to the rainbow airplane thread.. Magic to the rainbow airplane thread, please.

  • There is another one of these planes (it appears to be a regional or personal jet) above the house at the corner of Cherokee and Bissonet, near the Museum of Fine Arts.

  • I’m confused, so the Jet does not come with the house???

  • That is one proud airplane.

  • Oh me gosh… that is so weird.. I wonder if me roller skate topless if them planes will wave?!?


  • I used to live near Windsor, England which was in the flight path to Heathrow. Lived there in 2003 – also the same year they retired the aircraft. The first time I heard that flying over my dorm room I immediately dropped to the floor. Sounded like an air raid!

  • There’s a joke I just heard about Windsor where a tourist asked a local why would they build the castle in the flight path.

    Regarding the Broken Bough image: I find this highly unusual as the area has almost no flight paths above it. Perhaps that plane happened to be somewhat off the normal flight corridor. I wonder if someone is brave enough to measure the size of the plane, the lot below, find out the shuttle orbit height for this photo and triangulate the plane’s elevation in this picture?

  • Flying faster than the speed of light.