Oak Forest Home from the Tweens Picks Up Where It Left Off in 2014: $750K



Three years ago, this 2011 custom Oak Forest home with porch and pool sold for $460,000. Now? A listing over the weekend of the Craftsman-with-stuck-on-stone property carries a $750,000 price tag. That’s where price reductions from a previous listing by the same agent had landed after an initial ask of $799,500 in November 2014 and pre-holiday drop to $775,000. If the back yard’s oasis doesn’t provide enough of an escape, Oak Forest Park is a (very long) block up the street, which is located east of Rosslyn Rd.




Measuring 2,538 sq. ft., the floor plan opts for an opened-up, shared living area (also pictured at the top of the story):


The room’s fireplace is dual-fueled. An arched entry along the wall at the back of the room leads to the master suite:


A prep top of counter is deep enough for bar-height seating along the perimeter it shares with the living area:



The dining room has a garden view:


The master suite, at the back of the home, gets northern light:





Two of the 4 secondary bedrooms are also downstairs:



Here’s one of the 2 other full bathrooms:



Upstairs, meanwhile, another 2 secondary bedrooms and a full bathroom share the under-eave areas. Here’s the bedroom that made the listing’s photo opp:


Portions of the patio have enough cover to accommodate a ceiling fan — and it’s all outside the master suite’s side windows:


The lot, which measures 6,480 sq. ft., features a poolscape with a small waterfall and a cabana.



Landscaping screens seating that swings:



The listing warms up the cabana’s punch by providing views of the venue this time of year (above) and in the more resplendent summer:


And there’s a night view, too:


Cabana Club

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  • There’s a sucker out there that will pay it…

  • them there inner city suburbs are getting real high falootin..

  • It’s an un-cottagey mash-up, but, it’s very liveable.

  • Can we get an award for most overrated neighborhood?

  • It’s not even zoned to OFE. But I guess if you don’t have young kids, and you like beige…

  • It doesn’t matter as much anymore if is zoned to OFE or not…I live in the west side of oak forest and houses are being built in that side for 800k. I also do consider this the inner city suburbs and I think that’s what has make this area so popular with everyone

  • Oak Forest and Spring Branch new(ish) prices will drop by 30% in the next 12 months. Buyer beware.

  • Is it too much to hope that they’re going to include the Ikea paintings?

  • The “lets throw out crazy high listing numbers, and see what sticks” pricing strategy smacks of a delusional seller and/or realtor. I think the window for this kind of sh*t is closing for a while in H-town.

  • Is it me or does the waterfall look like the world’s smallest rockslide that conveniently stopped right at the edge of the pool?…

  • Entertainer’s dream, chef’s kitchen, luxurious sink, award-winning backyard… do RE agents use mad libs?

  • Prices will drop 30 %. ?. tell us more and why . It’s hard to fathom how GO OF has become almost millionaire’s row in a few short years. . Sometimes Wish I purchased back there when I could afford it, I would have loved a large yard, pool area.

  • I charge my niece a peppercorn annual rent for my GO house and they reimburse me for the structure insurance & taxes – good deal for everyone. The little OF rental went in 2013 and is now the site of a HUGE place, but they did keep all of the big trees.

  • A 30% is not out of realm of possibility, maybe not in 12 months. Houston, as diverse as it is, still is driven a lot by the oil & gas markets. Guess where a lot of oil & gas people live? GO, OF, The Heights – pretty much any neighborhood with easy access to downtown, out I-10 West, and The Woodlands. Anyone think we would ever see $50 oil again, let alone in 6 months time?