Oak Forest’s 350-Ft.-Tall Hoax Tower

OAK FOREST’S 350-FT.-TALL HOAX TOWER Two signs posted last week on a half-block west of Ella at 1250 Du Barry Ln. that appear to serve notice of a 350-ft. tower coming to the site — and include reference to a permit number — are some kind of trick, Charlotte Aguilar assures us. Planning Dept. spokesperson Suzy Hartgrove tells her the permit number may be connected to a 5-year-old project; the listed city phone number is obsolete. She says she doesn’t “know why anyone would do that.” [The Leader] Photo: Charlotte Aguilar

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  • The proposed tower would have scary-looking eyes, pointed teeth, and arms waving about.

  • Google Street View may offer an explanation. That house doesn’t fit in on that street. Apparently neither does its resident.

  • Chef:

    Someone I knew dressed as the Ashby Highrise for Halloween one year, so great.

  • I know this one is a joke but someone thought it would be really funny to put a highrise smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood at 150 Gessner. I wonder if back in the day the neighbors were up in arms over it with scary signs on their front lawns.

  • Google Street View shows that the house looks like the other houses in the neighborhood. ???

  • Gessner is a major thoroughfare…its not even remotely similar.

  • Gessner is a major street but that part of it goes right through a residential neighborhood and there’s no multi-family or even commercial around for at least a mile in any direction. It was also built before city center, Memorial hospital, or even before Memorial City Mall was revamped. In comparison, Ashby makes perfect sense.

  • Commonsense, there were no scary monster signs, but there was a huge wail and cry from the neighborhood around the Gessner highrise at the time. Similar to the Ashby thing today, but with less lawsuits. Around the same time ( 1983 or 84?) there was an office building on Bering near Woodway built that had a multi-story parking garage built up to the lotline behind some Tanglewood homes that face Chimney Rock. I could be wrong, but I think those two events led to the vote on having zoning in Houston that occurred around 1990 ( and which failed).

  • ShadyHeightster, wow: http://goo.gl/maps/QEbES

    If you ever wanted to find an advocate of zoning, it’s probably the guy that lived in that house in the early 80’s.

  • That’s the one Rodrigo!