Obama Gets A Primary Season Whitewashing in Midtown

Whitewashed Obama Mural, Travis St. and West Alabama, Midtown, HoustonNew Reginald Adams' Mural of President Obama, Travis St. and West Alabama, Midtown, HoustonAs polling dates roll through the country, the oft-transformed mural outside of the former Obama campaign headquarters in Midtown has been spotted sporting a fresh coat of background white. Allyn West, who first noticed the political banner’s changed stripes on Super Tuesday, sends this Disillusioned Thursday snapshot of the now-blanked wall. So far, the site has featured various incarnations of Obama: in the sky-gazing HOPE poster from Shephard Fairey, in a sunglassed hip-with-the-kids pose, and most recently in the above star-spangled baby-on-banner scene that first appeared in 2013.

The past murals have been the subject of political displeasure for at least one person, judging by 2 previous acts of similarly-angled paint vandalism:


Reginald Adams Mural of President Obama, W. Alabama St. at 3710 Travis St., Midtown, Houston, January 2013

Mural of Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope Poster, 3710 Travis St. at West Alabama, Midtown Houston, December 2010

Photos: Allyn West (top), Candace Garcia (others)

State of the Mural

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  • This post is just trolling commonsense. Which, to be clear, is a valid reason to run it.

  • Once again, I sensed a disturbance in the force, my flock has called out my name. Never fear, I is here.
    I’m 99% sure it’s going to be a mural of President Trump.

    Hillary for Prison 2016

  • Who will it be?

    The 60s Progressive stuck in the past
    The felon grandmother
    The NYC blowhard
    The wannabe preacher
    The subjugated Cuban pup

  • I never thought it was very complimentary since its portrays him as that stereotypical corrupt politician searching for babies to hold for photo ops. (think Mayor Quimby). It also looked like those propaganda paintings that totalitarian regimes plaster everywhere to remind you who’s in charge.

  • The “Hope” one was cheesy, but that might be because I’m not an Obama fan.
    The sunglass one was actually pretty cool.
    The one where he’s sucking the girls brain out of her ear was downright creepy.
    I don’t get the uproar about the paintings though. His restaurant. He can paint whatever he wants.
    Though I can PROMISE you that if it were a republican president on the wall, it would have been defaced WAY more than it was. Most on the right are pretty lazy when it comes to protesting (and hashtagging, and whatever). Where those on the left are much better at it.

  • As a liberal who is somewhere to the left of Bernie Sanders, I could care less about the giant GHW Bush mural on the Fonde Recreation Center building. So why do my mirror image conservatives get all squirrely when a private business owner paints a much smaller mural about President Obama his building? Is it the point on the commute in from Sugar Land where you begin to lose control of your temper after your commute time hits the 1 hr mark and you blow a gasket when you see a big picture of President Obama just as Rush Limbaugh has you worked up into a fury? You can take the Louisiana exit instead of Travis off the spur and avoid it altogether.

  • That’s so racist. Painting white over Obama. Where’s Sheila? Must I Die!?!?!

  • The new mural has been started. Looks pretty god so far. Hopefully they update the article with a new photo.

  • Y’all have your panties in a twist. @ Old School. Exactly. Those suburban right wingers aren’t so gracious when confronted with opposing points of view. The opposition challenges their insular safe little world and scares them. Which is good. Makes them hopefully THINK how comfortable & well off they are in the burbs.

  • Padraig / Old School: I’m a pretty conservative guy (more on economic issues though, as I’m a live-and-let-live type), and have a home in Montrose. Could never live in the burbs. And I walked by that mural 1000 times on my way to various restaurants over there (or light rail, or our apts).
    So try not to generalize.
    (Yeah, I know I did earlier)

  • @ Cody: Yeah, my mind didn’t go to brain-sucking aliens, but he’s doing something to that little girl’s ear. Its not a flattering composition, thats for sure.

  • I for one get a great sense of rage whenever I saw that Teddy Roosevelt’s face on the side of the road each morning. I will never forgive his Bull Moose party for splitting the vote and allowing Wilson to take over, which all but guaranteed Pershing’s heavy handed use of force in the search for Pancho Villa, forever tainting our relationship with Mexico.

  • Well, maybe they’ll put up something more original than a Shephard Never-Met-Someone-Else’s-Art-He-Couldn’t-Steal Fairey.