Off a Ravine by Buffalo Bayou, a Renovated Charnwood Contemporary

This remodded 1966 Mod in Charnwood was once featured in Southern Living magazine, its listing declares. The furnishings from that photo shoot are long gone, but a boatload of built-ins and some ravine views remain. Appearing in the market mid-month, the 4,077-sq.-ft. home has staked out an initial asking price of $939,000.


Even the driveway out front adds a little patterned punch; the stamped concrete extends into a front loggia by the more-than-double wide front entryway.

Step inside and there’s a 25,000-sq.-ft. wooded lot to view through full-height windows along the back of the opened-up living and dining rooms. Tracks in the terrazzo indicate where room-dividing shutters slide to enclose a smaller, separate dining space:

The double-pedestal table is the only piece of non-built-in furniture remaining in the home:

The home’s updated kitchen was designed so that more than one cook could work the frill-free room:

Whether used as a breakfast room, study, or den, this tile-floored space gets 360-degrees of natural light and skyage from a pop-top transom:

In the family room, hovering built-ins (above) and semi-retracted window treatments (below) appear to levitate a bit, perhaps drawn to rise by magnets hidden in the beams above. The room is down a half-flight of stairs near the front of the otherwise single-story home:

More built-ins line a hallway that leads to the master suite and most of the secondary bedrooms.

The master suite has a private deck that’s accessed through a wall of windows and doors (above). A pair of walk-in closets also feature built-in shelving. In the master bathroom, meanwhile, the landing-strip vanity (below) is one of several counters that look extremely elongated in the listing photos:

This bedroom also gets a garden view, plus a walk-in closet and full bathroom:

All but one secondary bedroom has its own bathroom, most of which have a frameless mirror installed wall-to-wall over the sink. Here’s the newly painted and carpeted bedroom that has to share the hallway bath. Its blue mosaic tile is a rare shot of color in the otherwise neutral-hued home:

There are 4 or 5 bedrooms, depending on how you count, including this back-of-house one with a full, private bath — and just a few more built-ins. It’s located off the hallway near the master suite:

Here’s the deck off the master suite:

This main deck and its lower-terrace seating area can be accessed from several rooms in the home (rain or shine):

More deliberate landscaping sits closer to the home; the more natural-looking world is steps away:

Neighboring homes also date from the sixties, as do the apartments-now-condos that lie directly on the south bank of Buffalo Bayou, beyond the greenbelt on the other side of the ravine.

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  • Aw man. I know a dude that stays near here. Real nice area. Too high for my blood. Thanks

  • Most of it looks very nice, but one of my biggest pet peeves in a house is mismatched interior doors. For the asking price you would think they could have put some slab doors on that closet.

  • Does anyone know the plans for that vacant land that is only three lots away, in a due North direction?

  • Sweet.

    Ick on the flooring tho. I at first didn’t like the terrazo, but that’s good compared/combined with the other mismatched, lower end tile.

  • Hey big bill. That vacant land to the immediate north is all floodplain/ravine. The vacant land fronting san felipe is owned by some Israeli investors….no immediate plans. At one time I think habitat for humanity was going to build its corporate headquarters there, but I think they got janned. anyways, I used to live in farnham park, but the neighborhood had really gone down.