Office Building to Bar Conversion Now in Its Alphabetical Furniture Store Alcohol License Phase

TABC signage tacked to the 2-story office structure at 1803 Pease St. notes that AZ Furniture is applying for permission to serve beverages into the late hours on site. Could it be that a boozy cabinetry boutique is in the works, or a couch showroom that fronts a speakeasy? No, according to building permits filed to convert the 5,952-sq.-ft. building into a bar. The name listed on those permits is more suited for a venue located 3 blocks southeast of the Toyota Center — it’s Slam Dunk Bar & Grill.

Renovations began on the building last year. The photo below views it from its adjacent parking lot on the corner of Pease and Chenevert:


Photos: Capital Realty (building); Natalie W (TABC notice)

The Hard Court

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  • Very cool. ZCA broke ground on a new mixed-use highrise a few blocks away. Will be interesting to see how this node of downtown shapes up in the next 10-20 years.