Oh My God! They Killed Kyle!

OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KYLE! Here’s a view from the front row yesterday morning as the west side of Kyle Field comes a’-tumbling down, to the cheers, hullabaloo, and whoops of a crowd police estimated at 7,000. The Aggies are eager for the final phase of the school’s ongoing stadium renovation project to come to completion.  After hauling off the 75,000 tons of debris, and rebuilding, the Aggies plan to have Kyle Field reopened — with a capacity of 102,51, the largest stadium in Texas — by September 12, when Ball State University’s gridiron warriors invade College Station in new Kyle Field’s debut. [Bryan-College Station Eagle; previously on Swamplot] Video: Ton Wagner

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  • Here’s the high quality video from multiple angles produced by the A&M Athletic department; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFY0MGIRQUo&feature=youtu.be

  • Even R.C. Slocum called this place a dump. Good riddance. Kinda pathetic that they open the new Kyle playing Ball St., we all know it should have been UT. It’s a shame Texas AD Patterson is such a colossal Douchbag.

  • As a Longhorn the one thing I always admired about A&M was their tradition, so I was stunned that not only did they dig up the dogs, but they leveled the entire stadium, you expect that from UT, where we can’t even spell tradition, but for A&M this is kinda sad. Granted Kyle was a dump, but it was iconic to A&M. The new Kyle will be modern and state of the Art, but still you feel something was truly lost at A&M. Even at UT, we kept some of the original stadium from the 20’s. Oh yeah, and Texas will be expanding the South End of Royal Memorial soon, bring capacity to 112000, so enjoy that largest stadium thing while it lasts.

  • Now if they would just keep moving down the line and demo the rest of the school, we’d all be a lot better off. SLAM! GO BAMA!

  • Shannon, I know you’re trying to troll here, but get your facts straight at least.

    Only the west and south sides will be new structures.

  • @Shannon – UT is not the school that ran away to the SEC. That would be the Aggies. Longhorns are still in the same conference. You know where to find us.

  • Whoa! WHOA! The Reveilles are being re-interred, aren’t they?

  • Nothing says F*** Y** to academics more than spending $600M to renovate an aging football stadium that sees <10 games/yr.

  • @Houstonian, would that be the Southwest Conference? Didn’t think so.