On Taft St. Near Welch, Where a Utility Pole Can’t Get Out of the Way Fast Enough

Driveway and Utility Pole, 2115 Taft St., Montrose, Houston

A couple of readers have sent in pics of the curious driveway installation at 2115 Taft St. just south of Welch St. just over the eastern border from Montrose, on the former site of the Taft St. Coffee House and Ecclesia Church. The utility pole dates from the lot’s former inhabitants; the courteous flatwork has been built around it for later patching. “In case you are wondering,” writes one of our tipsters, “the space on either side is not wide enough for a car to pass, nor does the driveway go all the way through to the next street.”


Driveway and Utility Pole, 2115 Taft St., Montrose, Houston

Photos: Swamplot inbox

The Townhomes Are Coming

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  • Get the boxes up as quick as you can. I felt like this property was just going to sit until it could snag the warehouse on the southeast corner to fill out the block but I guess they have gone ahead.

  • For self splitting car owners only.

  • Gearing up for the first golf cart community in Montrose.

  • It’s not like Centerpoint is any hurry. I’ve been trying to call them about a pole blocking where I need to put a driveway, but they don’t bother returning calls. I know they’re going to have to move it anyway, because the city is expanding the road there, and the survey stakes show it’s in the road…