On the Carousel of Time: Some of the Work of Robert Cohen, 1917-2009

Self-taught Houston designer, cabinet-maker, boat-builder, and entrepreneur Robert Cohen passed away last weekend at the age of 91, a couple of months after the death of his wife, Jean, and a little less than 2 years after his singular creation, Meyerland’s ultra-fab Carousel House, was demolished.


As Houston Mod fans steeped in Carousel House lore will remember, Cohen sold his family’s longtime home at 9602 Moonlight Dr. for $515,000 to attorney John O’Quinn in 2004. The home’s heroin-, hooker-, and mold-fueled decline from that point on has been well documented. The home’s last owner, Granit Builders president Marvin Granit, demolished the house in late 2007. Although there were reports at the time that Granit intended to build a home for himself on the site, the vacant lot was put on the market a little less than a year later. It’s still available today, for $548,000, down about $130K from its earlier asking price.

Photos: HAR (lot); Ben Hill (Carousel House)

One Comment

  • How did I miss this one? Is there a Swamplot Hall of Shame? If not, start one.
    Marvin Granit belongs at the top of the list.

    Here’s to someone with a lot of money buying the lot and rebuilding the Carousel House and putting in writing at not point no matter what may Marvin Granit buy the property.

    As for Marvin Granit, forget it. I wouldn’t buy a donut from you. And I hope you end up selling them.