On Top of Spaghetti: Video Preview of a New and Better Tangle at 290 and Beltway 8

Thanks to the
reader who passed along this flyover video showing what a fat, happy, and rebuilt Highway 290 will look like as it wraps its newly grown tentacles around Beltway 8. The video comes from TxDOT’s fancy new my290.com website, which attempts to bring to the planned multi-billion-dollar highway widening program the feel-good vibe of a community barnraising. When construction begins in 2011, will we be able to follow the construction workers as they tweet?

The site features current maps and details of the plans for US 290 and the Hempstead Tollway. Notes the reader: “Looks like the NW mall is history, well, at least most of the parking lot.” Here’s a view:


Video: TxDOT. Plan: TxDOT.

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  • Well, this is nothing new since this all has been out for the last 2-years with multiple public meetings.

    And for you crazy rail/mass transit folks. TxDOT is allocating a dedicated easement from the Northwest Transit center to the end of the project along the existing freight rail track for commuter rail. This will give the path for future rail developed by another organization (METRO/Harris County).

    If you rail guys try to stop the US 290 project, you’ll kill any possibility for commuter rail.

  • Txdot still believes one lane turning lanes are adequate. We spend bazillions to rebuild and do not increase the number of turning lanes. Cases: 610 at 59, 610 at I-10 for instance. From the video, it looks the same at 290 and Beltway 8. Oh, well.

  • The 610/59 interchange was a special case because it wasn’t part of the rebuild for 610 and there a tons of issues with room for rebuilding the interchange complete. The I-10/610 interchange function quite well currently. No one in the right mind would believe a roadway improvement project would eliminate rush hour and traffic delays. It would be a waste of money to design to that level of service.

  • Had a feeling you would comment. The I
    10/610 is better but not cured.
    WB I10 to SB 610 narrows to one lane.
    NB610 to EB I10 narrows to one lane.
    SB610 to EB I10 added a lane total 2 for the WIN!
    WB I10 to NB610 added a lane total 2 for the WIN!
    Don’t do WB I10 to 610, so cannot comment

    The one lane exits clog at any high traffic condition. I’m sure the traffic counts will decrease in the future. -sarcasm alert-

    Also know you will have a brilliant reply to tell me I am ignorant of something, but this is my last comment on that. Cheers.

  • Crazy rail/transit folks? I’m way crazier than that. Give me a giant bicycle interchange with a tiny broken blue line reading “car path”. If we’re going to troll each other, we might as well make it good. :)

  • crazy rail/transit folks: people who want absolutely nothing done to any freeway (except for removing them) and all transportation money to go to rail/transit operations foolishly thinking that the masses will eventually change behavior.

    Just because you like rail, buses, and riding bikes doesn’t make you crazy.

    I like how TxDOT is adding the easement. This will help remove some of the cost of commuter rail.

  • Glad they allocated space for the bike lane. I wondered how the bike commuters from Fairfield/Cypress would make the trip to work downtown.

  • NohillJoe SERIOUSLY deserves Comment Of The Day for this great line:

    “Glad they allocated space for the bike lane. I wondered how the bike commuters from Fairfield/Cypress would make the trip to work downtown.”

    Anyone familiar with that area realizes how tongue-in-cheek that comment is!

  • I second the nomination of NorhillJoe’s comment!

  • I make that 3rd. Great line Joe.