On Watch Over Bissonnet, a Contemporary West U Townhome Asks $485K



It’s not the largest of the townhomes lining West University’s Northern border, but it might be the tallest — and it’s certainly the whitest. The stucco contemporary’s listing at $485K mid-month points out the home was built in 1983, not the 1973 found on HCAD. A 3-story design amid 2-story neighbors, the front loader comes with a crow’s nest view north and west that takes in Greenway Plaza. H-E-B’s Buffalo Market is across and down the street.



Eighties sensibilities roll out in the foyer’s glass bricks and tubular railings (above). The 3,138-sq.-ft. home’s floor plan sites the living-dining and kitchen on the first floor:


The living room, at the back of the home, has a wide window (or is it sliders?) with a mystery view:


The galley kitchen’s cabinets, in a rich jewel tone, add some sparkle . . .



There’s a balcony off one of the rooms on the second floor, where the master suite is found:


As in the living room below it, the master’s fireplace is also tile-fronted and scaled to warm up a Houston winter:



A bedroom on the third floor has this space with access to an upper deck that’s open to the sky (and pictured at the top of this story):


The back of the 2,700-sq.-ft. lot appears to be a fully screened patio that leaves a lip of yard by the back fence:


Decked Out

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  • Okay on the outside, teardown on the inside. The price is for location only..

  • Ugh. Only those desperate for a West U address need apply.

  • Am I crazy for thinking there’s a ton of potential here? Interior is a total disaster, but the property has sat on the market before (asking $450 in 2012)…if you could get this for $450 or less and spend 100-150 to truly transform the space with some cosmetic improvements outside, I think the property could become a chic, contemporary townhouse worth $700+. How else could you get 3,000+ sq ft in West U for under a million (not to mention taxes of less than $7,000)?

  • AJ’s right. It’s incredibly dated on the inside, but it’s also 3100 square feet in West U for $485k or less. Only downside is that there may not be an easy way to make that kitchen bigger.

  • I agree, with last 2 comments. $450-$475k sales price, and I think you could get away with $50k in quality upgrades on the inside, you have a huge $700k townhome in West U. Only drawback is sitting right on Bissonet.

  • Crockett? Tubbs? Lt. Castillo?

  • Semper Fudge – it looks like the kitchen abuts the pictured dining area with the slightly elevated floor. I wonder if you could integrate those spaces to expand the kitchen while retaining a smaller dining area. Even if you couldn’t, I think you could compensate quantity of space for quality of finishes. Unless someone has 2 or 3 kids and is desperate to be in West U, a beautiful kitchen with better “perceived” size may be acceptable at the price point. Even a larger family with a limited budget might be willing to swing it just because of the location and relative value.

    A question for the Swamplot community – is there a significant value downside to being right on Bissonnet? It’s not like you’re near a railroad or next to a freeway service road, but that’s still such a busy thoroughfare, even if it’s relatively green and (I believe) the speed limit is 30.

  • There’s lot of potential… if this didn’t sit on Bissonnet.
    I can’t think of any reason why this would still be on the market if it weren’t for the fact that it was on one of the busiest streets in West U. (And no one goes 30-35mph there anyway.)