Once-Crumbling Church of the Redeemer Building May Be Born Again as Apartments, Keep Relaying Messages From the Heavens

Last month Dominion Church International, the church most recently inhabiting the triangular block at Dallas St. and Telephone Rd. holding Eastwood’s former Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, finally sold the land after putting it up on the market last August. A couple of readers tell Swamplot that Nextdoor is abuzz with the claim that Mir Azizi‘s company Caspian Enterprises, which bought the property, plans to turn it into some sort of lofts or apartments. Caspian does have something of a habit of splitting up old buildings into residential units; a permit for some interior wall teardowns in the church was issued last month, but no formal announcements have been made about what the site’ll become.

A document filed with the county transfers the rooftop lease to the new owner for that T-mobile cellular relay visible atop the church’s belltower); Caspian has already gotten permission to knock down the complex’s parsonage, however:


The 1950-or-thereabouts church complex was taken over in the 1960s by reverend Graham Pulkingham, a couple decades prior to his suspension from ministry and unrelated sudden death in a supermarket. The main buildings on the property were estimated to need between 5 and 7 million dollars of repairs and renovations to be brought back up to city habitability standards when the Church of the Redeemer congregation sold the church in 2011; Dominion moved in around 2014, and appears to have moved out some time this spring to a nearby address along I-45.

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Eastwood Relay

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  • There is a small pile of rubble in front as something is being deconstructed. Neighborhood is split over whether this will be a good or bad development. Directly across from an elementary school.

  • I think the roadhumps they put on the street are a bad development. I thought the city stopped doing those?

  • It’s quite an upgrade, from what we know, clergy are very dangerous for small children.

  • How many units divided by the buy price and the
    dollars for rehab per unit. The short Eastend is awash in rentals . How much to sell them for with ground breaking
    on the units being constructed next to 52/5300 Lawndale
    post office .

  • That’s a good location for a homeless shelter.