One Allen Center’s New Name; Redeveloping the Westheimer Flea Market

Photo: BOldbury via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Ahem… That’s my photo.

  • Oops! Thanks, BOldbury — we’ve corrected the image credit.

  • Montrose has a flea market??? Who what?

  • The Allen Center article is full of typos and poor writing. Yuck.

  • That antique shop has been there since 1970…that’s about the same span of years that the previous version on Montrose lasted, so I suppose it’s fitting that it will be remade into something reflecting its current more edgeless environment, one where wabi-sabi is wedged into the wayside and the anxious serenity of prosperity permeates the place. At least the building is being saved for now.

  • In that particular flea market, you have an excellent chance of actually finding a few fleas. Redevelopment or this building is a good idea and the extra parking in the back is excellent. Get those cars off the street!