One Last Look Before This Freeway-Side Retail Spot on Gray St. Becomes Indigo Parking

1810 Gray St., Midtown, Houston, 77003

Some execution-ready excavator glamour shots next to 1810 Gray St. come from Fred Ghabriel, who snapped them yesterday evening in preparation for this morning’s underway demo of the space. The freestanding 1960s not-quite-under-the-freeway retail spot southwest of the junction of 59 and 45  is survived by some of its blockmates: the Citgo facing the Hamilton side of the block, and the Webster-and-Chenevert-facing double-decker strip center at 2117 Chenevert (home of Abacus Bail Bonds, Chase Shoe Shine Parlor, Heights Cleaners & Alterations, and nightclub Indigo at Midtown). The retail strip also contains an office of Bejjani & Associates, which owns the Gray-facing building currently under deconstruction (and with which Ghabriel is associated).

The structure at 1810 is getting cleared out for more parking for the center; the freed-up spots might get a touch of seasonal afternoon shade from the 3-sided billboard planted next to them, as seen in the now-moot leasing flier for the space:



Ghabriel also sends fresh proof this morning from the scene that the owners are walking the demo talk:

1810 Gray St., Midtown, Houston, 77003

Here’s a last few looks at what the space used to look like:


1810 Gray St., Midtown, Houston, 77003

Photos: Fred Ghabriel(top, bottom), Bejjani & Associates (all others)

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