One’s a Meal No More

ONE’S A MEAL NO MORE “People have weddings here. They don’t want to put One’s A Meal on their wedding invitations. ‘Ted’s’ sounded corny . . . like a diner. [Besides the name] I haven’t changed one thing. The employees didn’t change, the menu didn’t change.” — New owner Ted Mousoudakis, who’s changed the name of the Lower Westheimer 24-hour joint to “Theo’s.” Also new: the beer and wine license. [Eating Our Words; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • Seriously? People are having wedding receptions at this place?

  • I don’t get it either, mediocre food at best.

  • Stopped at Theo’s last week as a late night
    necessity. Thought that I could possibly get
    a decent cheeseburger. NOPE. Burger served was
    vastly overcooked (charred), weird, extremely
    thick bun, miserable french fries, in a word:
    MISERABLE. Great, shut the _ucker down.
    I thought Greeks could serve a decent burger and

  • Chef Octavio? Really?
    From line cook to Chef, just like that!
    From French to Greek, just like that.
    Started cooking in 1990 but doesn’t remember how old he was??

    No wonder the cheeseburger sucked.

  • buttercookie, do you go to Burger King for your Greek food?

  • Greeks are supposed to know how to run a coffee shop (which
    includes serving the occasional hamburger. I’d be afraid to
    try their overpriced Greek food.

  • I love the place, from Mr. John, the older guy who I thought was the owner but turns out is just a waiter who greets you with a great combination of respect and sass) to the awesome Aphrodite pizza. Does every restaurant do everything well? No, but I love that I can come here at 3 am and get decent greek food, especially when Niko Nikos is packed to the rafters 24/7 and you can’t have a decent conversation over the roar.

  • I agree Greeks should know simple comfort diner Greek or American, i think a cheeseburger can easily fall in this realm, and should not be to complicated to prepare on the standard flat top. Regardless of the name this place should be NO MORE.

  • I’ve been there a few times, since I live about 4 minutes walk. It sucks :(

  • Are you guys kidding me? “Ones A Meal”/Theo’s is probably the best Greek you will get in Houston. Why would you go in there to order a burger at a Greek Restaurant? Have you given their traditional dishes a chance? While Niko Niko’s is decent, you probably think Taco Bell is real Mexican. I’m sorry but I am pretty outraged by the lack of respect for this place. I honestly find Theo’s to be one of the hidden foodie gems in Houston. This isn’t just some little in and out diner, this is family place where you sit down and enjoy a great meal together. If you want a burger then drive a block down to Burger King. All I know is I have never had a bad meal here, the service is outstanding and this is a place I will stand behind.

  • @buttercookie, who goes into a Greek restaurant and orders a cheeseburger? Isn’t the point for entering a Greek restaurant is to typically have Greek food. If you want a late night burger, like @bitemehouston said, go to burger king. Do you go into a Chinese restaurant and ask for chicken tenders? And your comment about Greeks should know how to run a coffee shop is very stereotypical and borderline racist. I am with @bitemehouston, I will stand by this restaurant as being one of the best “Greek” food in Houston.

  • Couldn’t agree more with bite me houston

  • This is a funny conversation. Someone says “I went there and ordered a burger. It sucked”, and the only comeback is a semi-agressive “well who orders a burger at a Greek restaurant?!?”
    How about asking this: if a burger at a Greek restaurant is such a no-no, why does this place (that some of you seem to want to defend to the death) serve them? And if they serve them just to cater to “burgerking lovers” why can’t they at least do them well?
    If I went to a Greek place and saw a burger I’d be intreged. Maybe it would be made with a bit of lamb. Maybe some Fetta cheese and a nice hummas

  • (I hit submit on the above post before I could proof read. Swamplot comment section isn’t the most phone friendly :)

  • WHY go to one’s a meal just to order a burger? One’s a meal/Theo’s does GREEK well! I don’t understand all the hate.

  • Would you ask for a Gyro at Burger King or McDonald’s? At least they are TRYING to offer burgers to the Americans that do NOT have any sort of ‘cuisine culture’ from other countries.
    I’m with BiteMeHouston, thumbs up, I know you know your stuff, maybe a lot of people don’t know WHO you are, you are the BEST when it comes to small mom & pop restaurants in the Houston area and you know your stuff!

  • All I said was that their burger sucked and that
    in my personal experience in the U.S. most old-line Greek coffee shops know how to turn our a very
    good quality cheeseburger and strong hot cup of
    hotel style coffee in an old Homer Laughlin china cup with saucer. I would think that very few of the
    experts commenting here ever sat at the counter of
    OAM on W. Gray. May you all enjoy great Greek food
    at El Real

  • In response to Jenny and all the other Theo defenders who ask:

    “Would you ask for a Gyro at Burger King or McDonald’s?”

    I can safely answer “no” for buttercookie. And why, since I don’t even know him, can I do this? Because Burger King and McDonald’s doesn’t sell Gyros. They know their thing and they stay in their lane.

    Theo’s is a business. They shouldn’t sell what they can’t master. You do not have to be a premiere chef in order to make a basic American burger, and since they call themselves a Greek and American Diner, then they should be able to prepare with competence the food they placed on the menu.

    They didn’t do buttercookie a special favor by making the burger. They offered it on the menu. Apparently, Ted, the new owner, thinks you should be able to come to his restaurant and get a burger. If ordering a burger at a Greek restaurant is out of order, tell him. He obviously doesn’t know that.

  • No but I can go to Al’s quick stop and get a better gyro for less than half the price….