Opening Day for Green and Purple Light Rail Lines; Ship Channel Sand for Galveston Beaches; Your Pie in the SkyHouse


Photo of the Galleria: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Opening of Green and Purple lines

    As a friend of mine put it: “Those trains will be there after tomorrow.” So, I’m just going to let the “excitement” (sarcasm intended) die down and I’ll try them out later. After looking at the schematic on Metro’s website, it doesn’t seem like much track has been laid out. Hurry up and get to the airports!

  • Did i miss something on the plan for these new lines or are the downtown sections on shared lanes?? There is even a point where the rail has to cross 3 lanes of traffic at grade. I saw them on the trial runs and it was a mess. Those trains are going to be 30-40 minutes off schedule during peak traffic.

  • I hope they test the ship channel sand for toxins before they spread it out on the beach for people to play in. I can only imagine what has settled on the bottom of the ship channel.

  • Sand from the ship channel to the Galveston beach……. Does not sound very appealing, but also fits…