Opening Day: It’s Getting Real Crowded at the Montrose Whole Foods Parking Lot

I’ve been waiting here like 10 minutes, man! No, no no . . . this is my parking space man. Just like the video already? “Despite all that concrete, there is not a single space available as I look out the window,” reports a reader who’s been monitoring today’s grand opening of the new Whole Foods Market on West Dallas and Waugh from an office window high above — and has already started grumbling about the potential evening traffic: “The parking lot has been full all morning.” This photo was snapped around 10:15.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Was not full at 7:55 this morning, on my daily commute. They sent coupons yesterday (alden place) for free chicken breasts and Scottish Salmon, so I anticipated this.

  • Yes, damn all that concrete. A dirt parking lot would have make this lot much more empty!

  • Darn. Was headed there after work. Now I’m not gonna.

  • drove by at lunch…cars parked in the street and the parking lot is full. good thing i work near this location. leaving my car in the parking garage and walking over after work.

  • nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

  • It’s a grocery store…

  • Side note: Amazing what % of the stores overall footprint has to be dedicated to parking. The store in comparison looks small.

  • Cody- That’s because surface parking lots don’t contribute to the “heat island” effect according to Whole Feeds. By building that massive parking lot on what used to be a grassy lot, they are saving the planet! Thanks, Whole Foods!

  • the angle of the photo distorts the footprint. not saying i like the huge parking lot, but it’s not as bad as the photo makes it look.

  • I was there at lunch…cars everywhere, walking in the rain….I was thinking this is what Woodstock must’ve been like.

  • I shop at night and on Sunday afternoons.
    Others have a whole lot of free time.

  • Sure was nice at the Whole Foods on Kirby this morning… those folk were chillin.

  • Ditto on what KT said! I will wait about two weeks before even thinking about setting foot on the place.

  • parking really sucked but once inside it didn’t seem that crowded. the layout of this store is SO much better than Kirby. wider isles, expanded bakery and ready to eat or grab-n-go foods. i have to say the store is pretty amazing and for people who are trying to eat better foods, this place is heaven for me. close to work AND home. so happy they are in the ‘hood!

  • Can anyone explain why WFM decided to have their back facing a main intersection, totally ruining that intersection, not to mention the traffic those 18 wheelers are going to cause getting in and out of that loading dock. The exterior is as nice as it can be, but what the heck were they thinking? The store is nice, but that decision is killing me!

  • I was going to stop in there yesterday to check the new place out, around 5:15ish. It’s already a ZOO and promised to be more of a mess than the Alabama location.