Openings and Closings: Down the Donut Hole

Just a couple items this time:

  • Closing: The Dunkin Donuts at 5406 Bellaire Blvd. near Bissonnet, after more than 2 decades in the same spot. When it’s gone, there’ll be just 4 of the chain’s locations left in the Houston area. The Bellaire Examiner‘s Steve Mark:

    [Owner Henry] Tsao’s current agreement with the donut chain is expiring; the company requires new agreements to last a 10-year duration with a new set of parameters for facility and mechanical upgrades totaling as much as $400,000. Tsao, 62, doesn’t want to make a long-term commitment at his age and isn’t inclined to make the required financial reinvestment, so his store will close Oct. 24.

  • Moved to the Rice Village: Dog- and baby-friendly Olivine has taken over the former location of Back Be Nimble at 2405 Rice Blvd. Making the trip from Uptown Park: owner Helen Stroud’s collection of linens, loungewear, and reproduction and slipcovered furniture. In the back: baby clothes. Cote de Texas’s Joni Webb reports:

    Helen spent all of September getting the new shop ready – and if you ever wanted to check out wall to wall seagrass, this is your chance – I think she bought out all the rolls of it available in town.


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Photos: Bellaire Examiner (Dunkin Donuts); Joni Webb (Olivine)

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  • RE:Dunkin’ Donuts – First went to that location as a kid on Sunday mornings in the late 70’s. There used to be a Shakey’s pizza parlor next door, when there were still such things, as well as a Baskin Robbins. Will be sad to see it go, will have to stop by one last time.

  • The real question is: what will replace the Dunkin’ Donuts in that space? Will it be

    A) predatory high-interest loan store
    B) predatory high-interest loan store


    C) subdivide, both A) and B)

  • That would make at least 6 predatory high-interest loan stores in a 1/2 mile radius!

    I’ll stop by tomorrow morning before work while I still can!

  • Shedding no tear. Shipley’s or gtfo.