Openings and Closings: New Hubcap Grill, Funeral Bars, Downtown Phoenicia Delay

The almost here, the already here, and the soon-to-be-departed:

  • Opening Soon: City inspection issues having been conquered, Hubcap Grill‘s new Heights-ish outpost in Shady Acres is now aiming for an opening “mid/late” next week, tweets burger-slinger Ricky Craig. The converted drive-up at 1133 W. 19th St. is just around the corner from Cedar Creek. Plenty more patio seating in back.
  • Already Open: So sorry you missed the christenings, but the nightclub, restaurant-bar, and wading pool carved out of the former Settegast Kopf funeral home at 3320 Kirby, have been open and holding events for a week or 2 already. That place wearing its paneling on the outside is Hendricks Pub and Eatery. Roak is the nightclub; the atrium pool has its own name: Rush. The bars and their neighbors in the David Crockett subdivision immediately to the west will have plenty of time to become acquainted with each other before their court date next May. Some local residents have filed suit against the bars’ owners, claiming the clubs are in violation of local deed restrictions:


  • Not Open Yet: The opening of the Downtown Phoenicia Specialty Foods at 1001 Austin St., in the ground floor of One Park Place, has been postponed again — this time until September somethingth. The store will feature 2 conveyor belts — one 150-ft. long, to dangle fresh pita in front of your nose from the mezzanine-level bakery, and another shorter one for pizzas and flatbreads. We’re expecting the 25-ft.-long olive bar to stay still. The included wine-and-beer bar, called MKT Bar, will have its own separate entrance and late-night hours.
  • Closing: August 20th will be your last chance to dine at the original Américas restaurant on Post Oak, My Table reports

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Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Re:Settegast Kopf – Is 3320 Kirby Drive, about halfway between Alabama and Richmond, really such a sleepy place? Sonoma and The Queen Vic are right around the corner on Richmond, as well as the Cafe Express already in the area. I think area residents will have difficulties with their case.

  • Bummer about Phoenicia… they’ll miss out on a lot of foot traffic from folks coming to Discovery Green over the summer

  • Re: David Crocket residents… According to the lawsuit papers, the deed restrictions existed for many decades but were never enforced, it seems they decided to enforce now that the place IS getting a bit rowdy. Additionally it seems the developers simply lied to the City of Houston on the applications and said they DID receive a variance for the bars.

  • I have to give some serious props to Ricky Craig for savaging to COH health department for delaying his opening. Its takes some stones to call them idiots via Twitter kniowing what they can do to make is life difficult.

  • Yikes, umm, I can read and type, must be Friday.