Original Beaver’s Still Closed, but Street Side Now Shows New Openings

The doors aren’t open yet, but the windows are in at Beaver’s’s 10-year-old bar and barbecue joint on the corner of Sawyer and Decatur St., closed since early July. The photo at top shows 3 of the 4 new holes in the wall, including one cut straight through the building’s name tag, preserved in the image above from before the bar closed. The 2,500-sq.-ft. den was originally scheduled to reopen in September. A second location on Westheimer just east of Fountain View Dr., larger than the original, has been in business since January 2.


Photos: Swamplot inbox (first and third), Beavers (second)

Old Sixth Ward

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  • Meh… if you ever went there and wanted something “healthy”, you were just about shit out of luck. Not missing the place, is it coming back?