Other, Other Blair House Now On Sale Again, This Time for $3.4 Million

The early-nineties property known as the Blair House appears to be up for sale again (no, not that one — or that one — but the Grogan’s Mill home of attorney and Power of Attorney teevee litigator Nelda Luce Blair and her husband). The home was scheduled to make an appearance on the auction block in early April, with a minimum bid of $2 million. The 5-acre property is now listed for $3.45 million, down from $5.4 million back when the place went on sale in 2012. The latest shots of the home show off the extensive collection of ceiling murals in the foyer and living room (some in markedly  higher contrast than others); the curvature of the 2-story porte-cochère matches up with the curve of the foyer’s barrel ceiling:


That curve continues all the way to the sitting room at the back of the house, dead-ending in more windows:

The dramatically black-and-white patterned wet bar (1 of at least 3) is adjacent to a dramatically black-and-white patterned half-bathroom (1 of 4):

Another wet bar, this one decked out with leaded glass:

More leaded glass shows up in the 2-story library, as well as the study:

The kitchen sits next to a breakfast area, which the listing says includes a fully powered buffet:

The master bath is 1 of 7 bathrooms in the house:

The game room contains a third wet bar:

Here are a few of the additional bedrooms (which the listing counts as between 5 and 6):

An outdoor guest house sits near the pool area and outdoor kitchen:

Photos: HAR

Off the Auction Block

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  • So…much…tackiness… But my absolute fav is the fake marble-ized ceiling fan in the master bath. When it’s spinning it probably looks like a blurry green disc.

  • i heard this is going to be a porche dealership

  • HAR fines me all the time for the smart ass stuff I like to put into the required “Directions” field of the MLS (like “Go down the street, the property is on your right if you’re going east, or on your left if you’re going west. If you’re going down the street North, something is very wrong”.
    Yet realtors can use so much HDR in their pictures that my monitor begs to be turned off. Not fair.

  • GROSS> If this house is any indication,Nelda must have been a crappy attorney. Like her house. BLow it up and start over. It’s heinous !!!!!