Otilia’s Spot in Spring Branch Leased to Hay Merchant Bartender, Converted Coors Rep

7710 Long Point Rd., Spring Branch, Houston, 77055

7710 Long Point Rd., Spring Branch, Houston, 77055The new lessees of 7710 Long Point Rd. — formerly home to all-Mex-no-Tex Otilia’s Mexican Restaurantannounced last week that they’ll be filling the spot with a craft beer bar and restaurant called The Branch. The folks in charge appear to be former Hay Merchant-slash-Underbelly catering head Madeline Cabezut, current Hay Merchant bar manager Kyle Pierson (though Hay Merchant itself is not involved in the project), and former Miller/Coors spokesmodel Amanda Mixon. An entity linked to serial redeveloper Braun Enterprises bought the place last year, after Otilia’s 2014 for-real-this-time shutdown. The trio formally leased the space around the end of September, and plan to have the place open early next year.


The bar-to-be’s neighbors on either side include Advanced Auto Parts to the east at the corner with Jacquelyn St., the insurance-heavy office-retail complex to the west, and the wholesale-plant-nursery-turned-empty-parking-lot at the corner with Johanna St.

7710 Long Point Rd., Spring Branch, Houston, 77055

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Branching Out to Long Point Rd.

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