Otto’s Bar B Que Really Closing for Good This Time, Except of Course for the Hamburgers

A little more than 2 years after announcing they’d be closing down, demolishing the restaurant and selling the land underneath it, and 9 months after reopening the almost-60-year-old institution with great fanfare, the owners of Otto’s Bar B Que are now saying the restaurant at 5502 Memorial Dr. will be closing for good. Sort of:

Otto’s has a long list of customers, including former President George H. W. Bush. He came by yesterday to get a final plate of food before the business closed. The building will be demolished and replaced with a bank. The owner told us it was hard to say goodbye.

“We have some wonderful people here in the City of Houston that have supported us for hundreds of years. It’s a little, a little emotional,” said owner June [Sofka].

You will still be able to order a hamburger from Otto’s at that location for a few more months.

Photo: Flickr user tamtam.afropunx

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  • A bank? Really? Do we need another branch location of a bank?

    Oh, and is it me or does ABC 13 have the picture of the wrong Otto’s? They don’t even say where it’s located.

    KHOU 11 at least put a video and says it’s on Memorial.

  • Although I think that they have decent–but pricey–hamburgers, their onion rings are consistently inconsistent, which is a big minus in my view. Plus, their parking lot is abysmal.

    I can’t honestly say that I’ll miss the place.

  • Sounds like the burger place was sold as well.

  • I am telling you, Houston desperately needs an organic bbq place. I do not think, Texas has one. But you go to many Western states, you will find them. They probably get their beef from Texas grass fed ranches!

    Beavers started off with it but got away after Monica Pope left to make fast money and now they are going odwn hill.

    Finally, a bank? Will it have a drive-thru and a nice parking lot in the front too? ;-)