Out with the Imported Po’ Boys, in with the Local Bologna

OUT WITH THE IMPORTED PO’ BOYS, IN WITH THE LOCAL BOLOGNA The owners of Benjy’s Restaurant next door plan to open a local-foods market in the recently vacated Antone’s Import Co. space at 2424 Dunstan St. Benjy Levitt describes the market, which he’s calling Local Foods in Rice Village, as a local version of its predecessor. There’ll be sandwiches and salads, as well as prepared foods from next door, including Benjy’s beer nuts and cheese crackers. Levitt tells Sarah Rufca the store, expected to open in October, will get its food supplies from 15 to 20 local vendors: “We’re going to be using artisan bread; if there’s bologna in a sandwich, it’ll be house-cured.” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: West U Examiner

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  • That sounds terrific!

  • So another Houston family owned landmark goes away so the forward march of yet another chach-bag “look at me” business can continue…….

  • Benjy’s is a chach-bag business? I think you’ve just demonstrated your lack of understanding about Benjy’s and the word “chach-bag”.

    Sure, it is sad to see Antone’s go. But its departure shouldn’t be linked with Benjy’s “forward march”. Antone’s has been shutting down shops and shrinking for years as it has become easier and easier to find imported foods and good sandwiches.

    Benjy’s has been around a while, and the food has gotten better, if anything. And if you are grumbling because Antone’s was family-owned, take a look at Benjy Levit. He’s a Houstonian, and his family owns Grocer’s Supply, an important Houston business since the 20s.

    I live a hop, skip, and a jump away from this spot, and I am looking forward to the new place.

  • starkraven, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve loved Antone’s since I was a kid and I’m sad to see it shrink, but that’s Antone’s fault, not Benjy’s. The fact of the matter is Antone’s has good sandwiches, but the place itself comes off as dusty, old, and not very appetizing. They didn’t keep up and now they’re paying for it.
    Go Benjy!

  • If by “artisan” bread they mean Slow Dough Bakery goods, I’m there!

  • Benjys is a douche douchington place to go eat; Antones was a time honored original Houston institution. They do not compare, no amount of yuppy centric rhetoric or slow dough bread will make up for the loss of Antones.

  • Antone’s is a relic and does not need prime real estate to sell preprepares sandwiches. If you miss them go to Randall’s.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love their sandwiches, but I’m willing to bet that most of the nostalgic lamenters go there more than once a year.

    They took no pride in upkeep and it showed. As the neighborhood grew up and modernized, they should have done the same.

  • *don’t go there more than once a year.*

  • Antones is just another sandwich shop. In 20 years of living here, I have never understood the mystique of this place. So they sell some stuffed grape leaves and a decent brownie. The only thing
    appealing about it was its local roots.

  • I’m sure you could say the same about whatever’s going in its place.

  • Go get a smoked turkey or a proscuitto sandwich at the last “original” location and see if you don’t understand. I loathe the corporate anotones, they’re horrible including that crap at Randalls, Krogers and Exxon. If I don’t see smoked turkey and piggy salad on the menu I’m headed for the door. Same reason why the original ninfas is the only one worth going to.

  • The “Original” Ninfa’s on Navigation is owned by Legacy Restaurants and has been for some time. Legacy also owns Antone’s. Just sayin’.

  • Legacy owns most of the Antone’s but not the one in the Village or the one on Kirby near the Dome. There may be others too.

    The Legacy Antone’s poboys are NOT the same as the originals, but the shrimp poboys and roast beef poboys (both hot) at the one on San Felipe are VERY good — just not old-school Antone’s-y.

  • bb — Yes. What I was pointing our to cm=corey is that the crappy Antone’s sandwiches that he dislikes are made by the same company that owns the original Ninfa’s that he contests is the only Ninfa’s worth going to.