Owner of 306 Main St. Seeks Moving Sidewalk Successor

The owner of 306 Main St. is now marketing the building for lease, which means Moving Sidewalk‘s days are numbered inside. The bar took over from ramen restaurant Goro & Gun, which took over from Mediterranean spot Molto, which took over from Grum Bar & Grill, which took over from Hic-Cups Bar & Grill.

The biggest cosmetic change to the building over that roughly-10-year time span: the reddening of the church-like, windowed tympanum up above the front doors. Prior to Goro & Gun’s arrival, it’d been brown along with the entryway below it — both of which look out on the southbound Preston St. platform of METRO’s Red Line.

Photos: LoopNet

Rail Drinks

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  • Isn’t that the Northbound Metro platform?

  • The crapola toy train stations sure mess up Main Street.

  • I personally like the “toy trains”, and plan on taking them downtown for an upcoming temp job …. sure beats the slow and smelly local buses, parking fees or needing a shower as soon as I get to work from taking more physical modes of transport. It’s Houston. It’s summer. Chill.

  • That balcony next door really takes the focus away from the storefront. I think that’s really all there is to it.

  • Might not feel that way if you found how useful they are Anonymous.