Painting Houses in the Heights

PAINTING HOUSES IN THE HEIGHTS Another Houston artist has turned to demolitions for inspiration. Though Ken Mazzu has spent the past decade driving all over the city and studying the twisted remains of iconic buildings like the Downtown Y and the Ben Milam Hotel, 15-year Heights resident and painter Cary Reeder seems to want to stay closer to home; Martin Hajovsky reports that Reeder’s paintings portray the last days of doomed bungalows she sees in her dramatically changing ‘hood: “Reeder’s [upcoming show at the Lawndale Art Center], in effect a different sort of home tour, will focus specifically on houses in the Heights that are endangered for demolition.” [Home in the Heights; previously on Swamplot] Image: Cary Reeder

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  • Very interesting. Looking forward to seeing her work.

  • What a treat to get a mention on Swamplot! It should be required reading for all Houstonians. I attempted to use the Daily Demolition Report to take reference photos of houses that were slated for demolition, but by the time I got to the addresses would find a pile of rubble or a newly cleared lot. Instead I focus on “endangered” properties, which unfortunately is just about every old house in the Heights. Sad.

  • Cary Reeder is the best. I like the juxtaposition of Precisionism with the anti-industrial Arts and Crafts. Also her colour sensibilities are awesome as well as a little familiar. Looking forward to the show.

  • I want to second what Augustine said. Thanks for featuring her work – it led me to her website, which I enjoyed very much. Perhaps I was not alone in trying to imagine her minimalist take on my own house – in my case, pure 80s tract. It just doesn’t seem to work: the proportions, the siding, the garage front and center, the tiny little recess for the front door.
    And all around, hundreds of other deed-protected houses no one will ever want to document before they’re demolished. Maybe the aerial view has a pleasing graphic quality.