Parading Through a Westbury Mod

It’s a square route through the entry of a modified 1960 Westbury mod, described in its listing on Tuesday as a giveaway prize from a bygone Parade of Homes. The interior plays up its remaining original elements, such as the tile mural found in the front-and-central entry (top) — which the listing claims was featured in the old Arts & Architecture magazine. Another exercise in symmetry comes from the 2 garages sandwiching the recessed front door (above).


Tiny pops of color in the mural repeat larger in the flooring of the adjacent dining room . . .

and in the ever-so-slightly larger room across the way, currently used as a study:

Its retractable doors mark one of the pathways into an opened-up living area. HCAD records indicate some remodeling of the 2,311-sq.-ft. home took place in 1992.

The mostly open kitchen has gas appliances and aqua laminate countertops, combined with wood cabinetry and paler flooring. The layout also squeezes in some front-loading laundry equipment:

Open shelving separates the kitchen from an informal dining area that’s also open to a room with outdoor access:

The 3 bedrooms — each 12 ft. wide by either 11, 12, or 13 ft. — get tile floors:

The 2 bathrooms have been updated, but the shared one in the hallway has some residual Mamie Pink tile and a sit-bath tub-ette:

This differently tiled scene is tagged as the master bathroom:

The lot, located east of Hillcroft and south of W. Bellfort,  measures 8,400 sq. ft. and has a southern exposure. The home’s asking price is $374,900.

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  • Love, love, love that original kitchen! I can see why this home make the magazines back in the day. Anyone else find the separated garage make it look too much like a duplex?… Still, love that kitchen!

  • Thank you, interwebs!!

    I mistakenly labored under the delusion that in-home stripper poles were a 21st century innovation. Alas! They were a MCM feature, way back when. WOW!

    The more you know…

  • A pole and a smoke cabin. That’s bachelor paradise.

  • Great house, I think they may have priced a little high, but I guess time will tell.

  • Nice mod but definitely overpriced for Westbury!

  • They priced it a heck of a lot high! It has had some work done since it was for sale about 5 years ago or so by my memory, but it was half that price then. Still, that much money when you would not want to use the zoned schools, you better want it as a bachelor pad.

  • Love the mosaic wall!

  • Rough schools?

  • I dunno. At first blush I thought it was beautiful from outside, but it has a lot of elements I find awful: the bad Saltillo tile in the bedrooms, the weird placement for the washer and dryer in the kitchen, the god-awful backyard, the bad washtub and worse slate tile in the bathrooms. I’d spend a good chunk ripping stuff out. And then the pole.


  • It’s a very uneven mix of surprisingly well preserved fifties features and the quasi-southwestern remuddle in some of the secondary rooms. Having the laundry machines in the kitchen was considered innovative in the fifties. Asking price seems very high.