Parking Garage High: Where They’ll Stack 6 Levels of Cars at St. Thomas High School

St. Thomas High School officials broke ground last week on what will likely be the most monumental garage in the long history of Houston secondary school parking. A 6-story, 433-space parking structure designed by Kirksey will rise at the southeast corner of the school’s Memorial-and-Shepherd campus. It’ll replace this dirt lot southwest of Granger Stadium and just north of Shepherd, allowing other parking areas on campus to be redeveloped. A couple rendered views of the finished product, some portion of which will likely be visible from Shepherd:


The view to Shepherd Dr. from the site:

The facility is supposed to open next year. But St. Thomas isn’t the only local parochial — or otherwise saint-affiliated — school driving in this direction: A 5-level garage on the (further out) Memorial Dr. campus of Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart (shown here under construction) is scheduled to open this semester. And an unnamed St. Thomas official passes on rumors to the Houston Press‘s Richard Connelly that Incarnate Word Academy and St. John’s both have plans to get in on the high-school-garage action.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (site); Duchesne Academy (garage). Renderings: St. Thomas High School

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  • wowzers! This would have saved many a parking lot headache at my highschool!

  • Wow – a parking garage for mummy and daddy’s old BMW, mercedes, etc. How about encouraging the youth of america to take mass transit. Oh, I’m sorry, we are talking about the entitled children who can do no wrong and have never really been disciplined in their life. What a waste of resources. What stupid parents.

  • MaryM, we didn’t drive old BMW’s and Mercedes, we drove Tahoes and Volvos. You have STH confused with the ninnies that went to St. John’s and Kinkiad. To your point regarding STH boys never being disciplined, I beg to differ. Maybe I could arrange a meeting with you and Coach Schwarzbach. He would kick your gold brickin arse back to your mummy’s house.

  • MaryM,

    Your comments made me giggle and I equated it to the old man saying, “When I went to school, I walked there in 6 feet of snow, uphill, BOTH WAYS!”

    Times are different and besides there are other High schools that have done this in the Houston area

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  • MaryM, St. Thomas is the most diverse private school in town. They have students from more zip codes than any other. Private does not equal entitled. Pleas dig a bit depper before making such statements.
    As for your ‘green’ comments, many of the student utilize mass transit, I did when I went there. This parking parage will reduce the need for more surface parking.

  • I’m going to set a betting line on the over/under of Mary’s age at 53. Part of the post makes me think she is on the younger side and has had just enough failures to start hating wealthy people, but the sneer at the “stupid parents” has all the hallmarks of a comment made by a crotchety old quack that lives with cats. And the hippie yearning for mass transit seems to conflict with the redneck desire for old-fashioned discipline. MaryM is tought to define, but she intrigues me.

  • Cap’n, you made me laugh out loud!! But maybe you and she should try eharmony.

  • Sure would suck to have MaryM for your mom, I bet she was very involved in after school activities but always managed to walk busy streets or ride mass transit home safely. Something tells me she’s not a breeder.

  • As a former STHS student who received tuition aid after my parents divorced, I can tell you the percentage of privileged kids in shiny new cars was about the same as in any Houston public school that isn’t in a poor neighborhood. Plenty of kids took buses, lots of “rich” kids drove beaters, and considering where St. Thomas is located, you pretty much need a car to get to it (like most anyplace in Houston.) It’s just indicative of society as a whole, anyway- some rich people will always flaunt what they’ve got, and as a poor kid you can choose to complain about it or try and succeed and buy your own snazzy wheels.

  • That garage will have to be patrolled 24/7 to keep skate boarders out.

  • Parking lot instead of better sports facilities….clearly indicative of the direction the school is heading. GAY.

  • You guys crack me up. FYI, I have a very successful career, make awesome money, and am well under 53, heterosexual and in a committed relationship. I live in the immediate area and you probably wouldn’t want me for your mom, my expectations are pretty high!

  • You make “awesome money?” Classic! Mary, if you don’t mind I’m going to use that at least twice today. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to call BS on everything in your previous post save the fact that we wouldn’t want you as our mummy. The Jebbie may not mind, though they generally prefer a more rough, calloused type of affection.

  • Jebbie must be a freshman, if even that old.

  • MaryM,

    I’m assuming since you make “awesome money” and are “under 53” that you are a stripper at Treasures. I’ve heard they make pretty AWESOME money, especially on Fridays (payday yo!!!). I also will assume that your “high” expectations are due to your crack addiction. Is it fair for me to make these assumptions about you? About as fair as you assuming “entitled children and stupid parents.” You show your ignorance by your first post and I would go as far to say you would do everyone a great service if you would keep your unwanted name calling and stereotyping to yourself.
    I’m also going to go out on a limb and wager that you never could get a date with those “entitled children who can do no wrong and have never really been disciplined in their life.” You must be as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside. Good day to you.

  • Bill, If i was Freshman I certainly wouldn’t consider St. Thomas a rival and worthy of the aforementioned jab. You see, we’re a big time 5A school now, and dont play in your little church league anymore.

    Good luck nerds.

  • Jebbie,
    Res ipsa loquitur. Keep up the good work.

  • I’m not a native Houstonian nor have a connection to St. Thomas.
    But, why the attacks?
    Curious minds want to know.

  • Movocelot, St. Thomas (Eagles) and Strake Jesuit (Crusaders- Jebbies for short) have been sports rivals for decades, thus the animosity. That and the sexual frustration of going to all-boys high schools.

  • I see…
    Thanks John.
    So, now St.Thomas has a parking structure to decorate at Homecoming and school-years’ end.
    And Strake has… nada.
    Just kidding; I don’tknow what I’m talking about.

  • Poor Jebbies. A bad location and Scagness girls to boot.

  • RE: Some of the snarky comments : ROTF LMAO. I went to STHS ,carpooled in the AM and took METRO in the PM. When I got my license,it was rush hour hell both ways.Wish we had the parking garage back then(the 1970’s).Parking was a mess. And as far as discipline: it was dished out by Father Schaefer and Coach Schwarzbach.And the rich boys got their asses paddled too. Oh the good ole days.Great education though.Learned a lot.

  • i went to memorial and I can stand people in the south let alone rich pretentious people. lots of em in that area. i was born and raised in houston too btw. I mean the income gap is so far its sickening how privileged these families are when there are so many others struggling around the city and world. i had a prob with it in school and still do to this day, so many conservative, oil/lawyer/doc/business people that have soo much. Oil people are the worst cause i’m liberal and hate when people shit on the environment for money. kid’s are so brainwashed and unintelligent that they can’t form an individual opinion on politics, not everyone, but most. So glad to move out of that state. Marym is right, suck it to all the kids bashing her. The immature “Gay” comment sums up my point on how far back the people in the southern state are with the rest of the country.