Parking Lot Carnival Still a Mainstay at Greenspoint Mall Despite the State of Things Inside

What better way to make use of all those empty parking spots than with an good old fashioned carnival like this one? It’s been a tradition at Greenspoint Mall going back decades now to plant a few attractions outside the building once the weather cools off enough for visitors to enjoy themselves. And management’s kept doing it — even as Macy’s, Dillards, and Sears all shuttered inside over the past few years and portions of the building and surrounding parking lot have sold to investors with heavy-duty plans for redevelopment. The attractions shown above are all sprawled out on the I-45 side of the building, where they cover up the “For Lease” banner that’s otherwise visible to passing northbound traffic.

There’s even a Ferris wheel:


Next on the property’s schedule: “Malloween,” a building-wide event featuring store-to-store trick-or-treating for kids age 12 and under, along with a costume contest and DJ in the food court on October 31.

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