Parting Shots: Houston Starbucks Farewell Photo Album

It appears our report earlier this week was a bit premature (although this one was more accurate). Rosenberg will be losing 2 out of its 3 Starbucks locations. And a total of 8 Starbucks stores will be closing in Houston — plus 1 in the Deerbrook Mall, which is technically in Humble.

Thanks to the pioneering work of a last-name-free coffee drinker going by the name Winter, who has been on a 11-year-long “personal mission” to visit and photograph every single Starbucks in the world, we now have a well-illustrated compilation of the 11 Houstonish Starbucks locations the company has decided to close as part of its 600-store nationwide shutdown extravaganza. Ready for the tour?

Closing Starbucks, 3821 S. Shepherd at Farnham, Houston

3821 S. Shepherd at Farnham. On the “other ” Shepherd Curve, across from Amy’s Ice Cream. It’s been hiding there for a while, but did it ever have customers?

More shuttered Starbucks below. See them all!


Closing Starbucks, 914 Dallas at Main, Downtown Houston

914 Dallas at Main, Downtown, in the old Humble Oil headquarters. The store opened June 30, 2006.

Closing Starbucks, 1018 Preston at Fannin, Downtown Houston

1018 Preston at Fannin. In the ground floor of the Republic Building downtown. Opened August 4, 2006.

Closing Starbucks, 6400 Fannin at MacGregor, Texas Medical Center, Houston

6400 Fannin at MacGregor. In the ground floor of the newish Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza tower in the Med Center, facing Hermann Park. You can see the store in the window near the center of the photo, hiding behind a tree. Opened September 14, 2007.

Closing Starbucks, 12503 Hwy 249 at Antoine, Houston

12503 Tomball Parkway at Antoine. Opened October 19, 2006.

Closing Starbucks, 14333 Westheimer at Briargreen, Houston

14333 Westheimer at Briargreen. Opened September 19, 2007. Maybe this one will be go back to being a Long John Silver’s again?

Closing Starbucks, 10611 Bellaire at Wilcrest, Chinatown, Houston

10611 Bellaire at Wilcrest, in Chinatown. Opened just a few months ago: March 25, 2008.

Closing Starbucks, 6001 I-45 at Red Ripple, Houston

6001 North Freeway at Red Ripple. Opened February 23, 2007. This one had it all: Parking-lot patio, drive-thru, clay tile, slanty stonish tower, fake cornice.

Closing Starbucks, Deerbrook Mall, 20131 Hwy. 59, Humble, TX

20131 U.S. 59, in the Deerbrook Mall in Humble. Opened June 29, 2007. Great photo, huh?

Closing Starbucks, 27943 Southwest Freeway, Rosenberg, Texas

27943 U.S. 59 in Rosenberg. Opened May 4, 2007.

Closing Starbucks, 24406 Southwest Freeway, Rosenberg, Texas

24406 U.S. 59 in Rosenberg. Opened June 8, 2007.

Photos: Winter

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  • As far as I cam concerned, there are too many Starbucks shops…..who needs to pay that high price for a cup of coffee that tastes like it has been on the burner for at least two days!!

  • Hopefully they don’t stay empty long. But are they good for anything else besides another coffee shop? If they couldn’t succeed there, will a mom and pop one?

  • crap that’s my starbucks… the “hidden” one on Shepherd that never had a line… all of which I considered huge benefits up until about 30 seconds ago….

  • Losing 2 downtown kind of sucks because it is possible that those locations could sit empty, although if we get an independent coffee plane taking over instead, that would be great.

    Hopefully the location across from the Pavilions will at least be replaced quickly.

    Also Hopefully the memorial hermann location will be replaced with something good (not a lot of cafe options in walking distance of there)

  • The small Starbucks on Shepherd is a hidden delight with a great staff and a loyal following of customers. It is not one of the 600 stores posted for closing by the home, but owing to thr refusal of the out-of-country landlord to renew the lease. Two customers have tried to but the building and save the store to no avail. Too bad as this will be a loss for Houston and the neighborhood.

  • Those they are closing down are in bad neighborhood and location.
    The one in Antoine and Hwy 249 is a joke, the area have high crime and low income, when I saw it open, I was wondering how long this will last.

  • I hate that the one on 249@fm 1960 is closed. It just opened and was convenient to my commute. Are there any plans for usage of the building. Can it be bought or leased? The one on n freeway has a nice building design, now it looks like an eyesore. These buildings need not go to waste.