Pay for Downtown Parking with Your Mobile Phone, Receive Text Message Ads for Free!

Blog-about-town InnerLooped notices the new pay-by-phone signs that have gone up on Downtown parking meters, including this one near Frank’s Pizza on Travis St. The service should be convenient for drivers who are short on change but have extra capacity in their mobile phone text-messaging plans. Here’s a little surprise included in the terms of use for the service posted online (though not mentioned anywhere on the signs): notice that mobile meter payers may receive mobile application, SMS, or email ads from the company that runs the service — Atlanta’s Parkmobile — or “other affiliated, third-party companies” when they park.

Photo: InnerLooped

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  • Seems parking could be sponsored by ads. If I have to pay to park with this app, don’t also send my phone crap. Weaksausage.

  • “Weaksausage?”
    Right, Cody: Don’t charge, bother or hinder me when I’m paying using the method that is best for YOU.
    I have this crazy issue with my college-daughter’s rent:
    I’m charged $18. service fee to pay online with credit card. Say wha?

  • I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

  • i think its BS to spam, otherwise it would be a pretty neat deal to have. :( Not using it, but good thing they take CC’s

  • Cody, I think I agree with you.
    Weak sausage is BS, yes?

  • Parkmobile never sends unsollicited advertisements, emails or text messages. After signing up you will have the opportunity to select which parking reminders or receipts you want to receive as part of the service. All these messages are related to the parking service and not advertisements.
    It would be nice if this would be corrected in the blog.

  • I use cash for everything. I often wonder what my bank statement would look like if I used my card to purchace everything. Pages and pages, I’m assuming, with a big pile of reciepts to go with it.

  • @Albert Bogaard (CEO of Parkmobile:

    Nothing in this blog is false. Your company, in fact, does mention in its terms of service that users may receive unsolicited advertising. Why does your company include this in its terms of service?

  • Hey, don’t Bogaard that parking space.

  • Never intended to say the blog is false. Apologies. We will change our terms. The power of blogs :-). We never intended to send ads without opt in or opt out. We are not sending any ads at the moment. Hope you will enjoy our service. We try to listen to our customers.
    Albert Bogaard CEO Parkmobile

  • Hi Albert,
    We’re glad to hear that that was not the intent and will try the service when the advertising terms are removed. Thanks for clarifying this.


  • Yay what a genious idea! Double taxing the street curbs that have already been paid for by the citizens! What ever happened to the free city-wide wifi the city promised? Parker, you’re out of here next term…