Paying for the Grand Parkway; Garden Oaks Sinkhole

reliant park

Photo of Reliant Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Metro should spend fewer resources on enforcing fare payment and more on building an efficient network. Just seems silly and wastefull to charge ppl with a ticket

  • I see freeloaders on the rail all of the time. Much more that 15% I have only seen metro give out tickets once. I also have seen broken machines all of the time. This one wont take cash, this one wont take credit. I have even been coming back from reliant once when I was trying to buy a ticket, Metro personnel told me not to bother, just get on. Funny thing is if they do up enforcement, I bet all they do is hassle first time riders who were confused or upstanding citizens that made a mistake. The true freeloaders will still get away with it and the people you need to support the rail will then despise it.