Pearland Town Center Ready To Open: Pull on Up!

Plan of Pearland Town Center, Pearland, Texas

The drive-thru mall with extras known as Pearland Town Center opens this Wednesday, at the intersection of 288 and FM 518! But it’ll be so much more than just a collection of chain stores arranged neatly in a giant parking lot:

Sixty-two apartments rest on top of retail stores, giving residents a downtown feel without the hassle of daily traffic. Granite countertops complement the kitchen of each unit along with stainless-steel appliances.

The above-retail units will be available for leasing July 30 while another set of 238 freestanding residential units will be accessible in late 2009. One-bedroom apartments will lease for $1,300 per month, and two-bedroom loft apartments will lease for $1,900 per month.

75-percent of the 85-percent-leased mall will be open Wednesday, reports David Kaplan in the Chronicle.

Plan of Pearland Town Center: CBL & Associates

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  • Residents will love driving/arriving home between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • $1300 for a one bedroom in Pearland? Yikes.

  • OMG, it sounds like it will really have that “downtown feel!”

    I assume the piece from Brazosport Facts is a reprint of a press release. My big question is how anybody talks about the “emotional connection” people will be forming with a shopping mall without giggling.

  • Concrete and chain stores; a surefire recipe for suburban success! I cannot get over the sea of concrete that swallows this “town center.” This is horrible. May whoever bankrolled this project be overcome by a balance sheet of bad loans and a run on deposits. This thing may do ok, if only for the fact that Pear Landers(?)will now not have to drive as far to reach mediocre department stores.

  • 1,300/mo in P-Land? LOL, I hope they mean $300

  • That’s what I was thinking — who would pay $1300/month to fight traffic in Pearland? I live in a house (with a yard!) in the middle of town for far less.

  • Why do people irrationally freak out over concrete?

    The act the the world is coming to an end. You know life is pretty damn good when something like this actually bothers you.

    The reality is that this shopping center resides in the Brazoria County Drainage District No. 4 (a.k.a. Pearland Drainage District). It has some of the strictest storm water requirements in the region.

    For example: A residential subdivision in Harris County that is 100 acres would provide about 55 acre-feet (2.4 million cubic feet) of storm water detention. In the Pearland Drainage District, the same development would have to provide a minimum of 65 acre-feet (2.8 million cubic feet).

    This commercial development has less green space than typical residential development, instead of a 55% or 65% storage rates as mentioned above, it is using nearly 75-85%.

    Outside of that, development like this is what people want…

    Also, Pearland has extremely strict zoning requirements. Look what development from zoning!

  • Are you kidding me!?! For 1300 a month, you can have the “downtown feel” in…wait for it… downtown! I live in Midtown (just south of downtown), and traffic here is better than Pearland… and I have access to the best Houston has to offer. Sports venues, bars, restaurants, parks, the zoo, etc. are all within walking/biking distance.

  • “Why do people irrationally freak out over concrete?”


  • They should rename Pearland to Bitumenland. Imagine driving into Pearland Town from the daily commute consisting of a 30-to-60-minute road-rage fight with angry poor SUV owners/leasers, parking into your miniscule parking spot then going out for a leisurely walk, dodging idiots on cellphones while they dash from store to store. Ah the new heaven!