Pennzoil Place’s Sticky Damage Control Plan

PENNZOIL PLACE’S STICKY DAMAGE CONTROL PLAN Yellow Stickers on Pennzoil Place, 711 Louisiana St., Downtown HoustonChronicle real-estate reporter Nancy Sarnoff has answers to a couple of questions Pennzoil Place tenants, visitors, and passers-by might be asking right about now: 1) Why is this iconic double-towered downtown office building at 711 Louisiana St. downtown now covered with small, round yellow stickers? and 2) If the building gets scuffed up during the implosion of the remaining hulk of the Houston Club Building across the street, how will property managers be able to distinguish new nicks and scrapes from all the old ones? [Prime Property; previously on Swamplot] Photos: Nancy Sarnoff

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  • …….and…what….are…the …answers?

  • I suspect that the answers are: 1. the yellow stickers are marking current nicks and gouges. 2. damage caused by the implosion will show up as un-stickied marks.

  • You may be right, but never assume.

  • Perhaps the Pennzoil Place owners should have used those yellow stickers when challenging their HCAD appraisal this year.

  • If only there were some way to find out what those answers were. Alas, this is impossible.

  • Ok, I won’t assume … So, here is an alternative explanation. The Pennzoil building is being prepared for a special effects scene in a new movie, “The Darkman Cometh”. The yellow dots serve as reference points for a special effects scene where the building will levitate, break up into hundreds of pieces, transport to a new location and then reassemble. The yellow dots help in the computer rendering of the scene.

  • If you want the answer, click on the link to the Chronicle story.