Persona Medical Spa Now Massaging Innards of Former Ruggles Green Spot on W. Alabama

There’s been a bit of activity inside the former restaurant space under the slanted roofline at the 2311 W. Alabama St. mini-mall on the corner of Revere St., a reader notes. A dumpster is parked outside; workers have been poking, prodding, and injecting all sorts of reconfigurations to the interiors.

No new restaurant is going in, though: Ruggles Green decamped from the space at the beginning of 2015 — and reopened a few hundred feet to the east the following year. The adjacent Persona Medical Spa is now expanding into the 2,122-sq.-ft. former dining space, making more room for its full range of massaging, de-wrinkling, plumping, resurfacing, pricking, heating, and cooling services.

Photo: sfalumberjack

Revere St. Retail Reinvigoration

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  • Boy I really don’t know how to feel about that title….

  • So with the addition upfront, where they going to park? It was always a struggle parking at Ruggles. How did they get approval for a under-sized parking lot? Bribe officials with free massages?

  • Blake: I guess if parking is an issue for customers, such that they chose not to visit, their business will suffer. Their problem.