Perusing The Woodlands

PERUSING THE WOODLANDS This is the only one of the homes to be featured in this Saturday’s AIA walking tour in the Woodlands that’s active on the market. With a view of Lake Woodlands at 34 East Shore Dr., the 6-bedroom, 8,400-sq.-ft., never-lived-in house designed by Bobby McAlpine is going for $5.2 million. The listing indicates that 5 open houses are scheduled for May and June — with the first this Sunday. The place also features a staircase that might induce a feeling of déjà vu. [AIA Houston; HAR; previously on Swamplot] Photo: HAR

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  • the most inspired new construction house in the Woodlands is ironically not able to sell. don’t worry, your variable coverage ratio limestone/brick with triangulated tops will move in no time. i only wish i had this kind of budget and desire to live so far north. neither exist. plop this in spring branch, shave the price to $3.5, give me 3 years @ I/O, and i’m a buyer…

  • this place still seems overbuilt for what and where it is.

  • There’s nothing about that house that warrants $5.2 Mln. We’ll be seeing it on MLS for very long time to come.

  • For that price you could buy in Courtlandt Pl and have money to spare. Get a way better house (IMO) in an area that’s 10000x better to live in.

  • I agree, that price is ludicrous. The Woodlands isn’t River Oaks or Southampton, it’s practically in Dallas! Im always amazed at the success of The Woodlands, I mean, yeah it’s pretty, but it’s so far from the city core, still it’s beautifully laid out and is arguably the most successful Master Planed Community in the nation, however these sellers are delusional. Perhaps a Mexican National will buy it

  • @Shannon

    …or a coke dealer…or a famous rap artist…just sayin, been done before up there!