Phew! Fish and the Knife Is Back To Its Usual ‘Opening Soon’ Status

PHEW! FISH AND THE KNIFE IS BACK TO ITS USUAL ‘OPENING SOON’ STATUS Fish and the Knife Restaurant, Sushi Bar, Nightclub, and Lounge, 7801 Westheimer Rd., HoustonAfter announcing just last week that it had given up all hope that the 3-and-a-half-year-long construction project on the corner of Westheimer and Stoney Brook Dr. would ever open its doors as a restaurant, the crack team behind the b4-u-eat newsletter declared yesterday that its loss of sushi faith was unwarranted: “Fish & The Knife mystery solved,” the latest email report reads. “The facebook page was removed because it was created by an employee who is no longer there. There were a lot of workers there today and the beautiful fish tank contains live fish now. The owner says they expect to open in 3 weeks.” [b4-u-eat; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Hey brothers. What the hell is the deal with this place? My cousin stays in Briarmeadow and has been telling me about this place. I seen they work, then they disappear. Ole’ boy must have put in about 20 different cypress trees. Die, replace, die replace. I just don’t understand the business strategy. Can’t stop what’s coming I suppose. It ain’t all waiting on you. Stay safe brothers.


  • What’s really sad is the fact that it will more than likely fail when it opens. I just have a feeling.

  • I concur that it will close very soon. It’s the wrong location for a fancy restaurant, especially with a Club component, it’s too big so the debt service is enormous, they’re WAAAAY behind schedule so they already lost tons of money on interest carry and unrealized revenue. Plus I think the “Sushi restaurant as a hip joint” is a concept that is already played out and in a downward spiral.