Pi Pizza, Star Fish Lease Lockouts Hit Both Ends of the Heights Blvd. Strip by the Bayou

Both Pi Pizza and Star Fish have been locked out of their leases in the Washington Heights shopping center building on Heights Blvd. just south of White Oak Bayou and roughly across the street from the Art Car Museum, leaving the strip absent its 2 endcap tenants. Star Fish picked up where Bradley’s Fine Diner left off in the building’s north side about a year and a half ago, and the pizza parlor took over from Funky Chicken on the south end of things in 2016.

Pictured below is the notice a Swamplot reader found stuck to Pi’s storefront right around lunchtime:


Photos: Swamplox inbox (lockout notice); Brent M. (Star Fish); Pi Pizza (Pi Pizza)

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  • I always liked the chocolate cake at Starfish.

  • Well, damn… I liked Pi.

  • Nice. I’ve had to put those on windows before. Pay your bills kids

  • I see these places open up and think “I should try that”, but it’s a good thing I don’t. They just go away in less than 2 years. If I happened to really like one I would be very disappointed by that.

  • I’m sure the gun nuts are overjoyed about Pi’s closure..

  • @cm: Ha! I remember that.
    Gun nuts. Funny how they rage over abortions and “Thall shall not kill” but they advocate for guns.

  • Lefties. Funny how you advocate for personal freedom but want to control other’s with your dogma…

    Lee’s restaurants are great but he does not seem to run them with much business sense. Thought both spots were great.

  • Both Pi Pizza and Star Fish are open regular hours tomorrow.

  • I wonder whether this was caused by Lee’s exit from his restaurant group. The ice cream shop that was supposed to go in at 19 and Rutland was almost completely built out but sat for months without any further work done. O

  • @HEBIsBetterThanKroger
    Totally! Gun nuts advocating to protect innocent life that never did anything to deserve losing their chance to step foot outside the womb, is totally the same as advocating for the right to use a tool to protect oneself from a thug trying to take the life their parents were kind enough to give them a ‘shot’ at.

    That logic needs to be aborted. Back to school for another PHD you go. Good luck out there, the real world’s a bi**h.

  • https://houston.eater.com/2018/8/2/17645690/pi-pizza-and-star-fish-reopen

    Supposedly a “banking snafu” and both will be reopened today. But hey, how about some more political crap because there certainly isn’t enough of that on the Internet.

  • I always giggle at the name choice Star Fish due to certain adult connotations. Also, I wasn’t aware Houston was the new DC and is now restaurant-segregated between Party affiliation.

  • 1. I’ll echo the sentiment to keep politics out of food discussions – just like I’ll keep food out of politics. And, I approve this message.
    2. “Banking snafu”? I’m not very familiar with rent lockouts but I doubt it is just after one or two days of non-payment that the lockout occurs, right? Maybe “banking snafu” is code for “we didn’t have money for months”?

  • @D713… re: “Also, I wasn’t aware Houston was the new DC and is now restaurant-segregated between Party affiliation.” ??? This is how the Interweb works ! Everything is electronically segregated – Welcome to the Thunderdome, M***erF***er !

  • Both opened the next day!