Picking Over a Museum Park Old-Timer

A reader sends a photo of what still remains of this 1930 home at 1813 Arbor St. MLS data show that the 2,004-sq.-ft. house on this 8,000-sq.-ft. Museum Park lot was sold in May for $285,000. Reports the reader: “I thought that they were going to rehab this house but now it looks like they are dismantling it and salvaging bricks and materials.” You can find these ruins a block west of Almeda, directly across the street from those Intexure homes that were reviewed here when featured on the Art Institute of Houston’s 2011 Modern Home Tour.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Glad to see the bones are going to good use!

  • Good to see old construction like this getting cleared away. All that lead paint was making me nervous.

  • This is just said Houston does not save any building over 40yrs old. I saw this house listed I though it was a good deal for the location and size I hoping someone would do a nice remodel. Now 2 or 3 town homes will be built on this lot for $350k to $450k each

  • I almost bought this house. The previous owner was foreclosed on, then he destroyed the inside on his way out. Squaters then lived there. This is sad, but it would have taken alot of money to fix.

  • Ah Houston, always picking over the bones of its past, with indifference