Piecing Together the Shell Tech Center Replacements

This map from what a reader says is a “recent” Cushman & Wakefield flyer shows a couple of interesting things that might be in store for Southside Place: Not only is the land underneath the smallest of the 3 buildings of the vacated Shell Bellaire Tech Center described as “under contract for future bank,” the 5.5 acres next to it, underneath the company’s original 1936 geoprocessing center at 3737 Bellaire Blvd., appears to be the subject of residential or retail development.


That’s the entrance to the 3737 Bellaire — minus the logo. The 3 properties here totaling 9.7 acres were first shopped around piece by piece about a year ago, as Shell geared up to leave Southside Place behind for a renovated headquarters out near Hwy. 6 and Richmond Ave.

Last week, the building at the western end of the block at 3747 Bellaire and Braes was fenced off, suggesting an imminent demo. Lovett Homes had already announced that it would be building 39 3-story homes on those 3.2 acres.

Calls to Cushman & Wakefield for more information haven’t been returned.

Images: Cushman & Wakefield (map), Candace Garcia (building)

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  • It would make sense since Southside is losing a substantial tax base.

  • Ashby Highrise part 2 ?

  • There’s height and density limitations. Southside place, unlike Houston, has zoning.

  • 1936 WW-II era modernist building up on the choping block… ohhh Houston, you naughty nautghty girl you!?

  • @ Colleen: The improvements are valued at about $4 million, but the land value increased by almost $6 million in 2013. Also, the City of Southside Place has a tax rate that’s almost half that of the City of Houston, so the fiscal impact of the removal of the improvements would only total about $15,000 per year…but they’re still netting a decent gain.

    I’m pretty sure that they’ll manage.