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  • I’ve always liked the exterior of this house. I used to drive by it on my way to work. But no interior photos?

  • @J-squared – When the listing only highlights lot size, schools and mentions “build or renovate”, it’s usually code for tear this sucker down – it ain’t worth saving! Other non-interior photo listings I’ve seen over the years included telltale verbiage like “only the most adventurous contractor should consider renovation”, and “no interior showings entertained prior to closing”.

  • When we were home shopping in the Memorial Villages area, we considered several homes that were marketed as “Lot Value Only/No Showings of the House”. What I discovered was:

    1) A buyer is a buyer. Any professional listing agent who is doing right by his client will be happy to show a home’s interior to a qualified buyer. If he/she wants to renovate the house, that’s his/her business.

    2) What is considered “lot value” in Memorial Villages can be quite livable, even moderately luxurious, by “normal” standards, including mine.

    This house looks cool. I’d love to see what it looks like inside.

  • The sellers should can the listing agent. Not showing the interior is ridiculous.

  • @Anonymous what makes you think the lack of interior photos was the agent’s decision. Maybe the interior is so horrific it’s better to deal with the flak – like DJT’s tax returns.