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  • Ahhh, the American Opulence genre!
    I do love the windowed conservatory/dining room with the blue glazed hexagonal tiles. Wrap it up; I’ll take it!
    But weird to see an in-window air conditioner in a home like this.
    Was it updated and remodeled in 2018 due to Harvey flooding?

  • “I Love Lucy fans will adore this!!”

    I got nothing against I Love Lucy reruns and have enjoyed many of them at one time or another, but this would seem to be a very specific market segment.

  • Looks like FLOOD CENTRAL to me

  • I said to myself, “wow, that’s cheap for memorial”. And then I said, “oh okay, it’s in HISD”.

  • That checkerboard floored room looks like the dream sequence from “The Big Lebowski”.

  • “Gone with the Wind worthy staircase”. Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

  • I can’t get the Beverly Hillibillies theme song out of my head now!

  • This thing has been on the market nearly 2 years bouncing between agents

  • @movocelot: walk up North Blvd (the section where the trees run down the middle) and see how many window A/Cs you can count. Granted, some of those houses pre-date central A/C, but it always seemed odd to see them out there.