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  • I hate those f-ing peacocks, during mating season they scream all night long, and that green bastard is loud! And I have to drive around piles of dog food people leave for them in the middle of the road.

  • I thought this albino peacock had died some time back as I hadn’t seen it for a year or so in the Kirkwood/Memorial area.

    Glad to see it wasn’t killed off by a dog.

  • Let’s talk: in the early 1980’s I Lived in the Klein family home ( as in one of the original German Protestant families that settled what is now NW Houston-basically from FM 1960 North & West to & partially over what is now the Montgomery County line) from 1981-1982- I co-owned a construction co.; we built homes in subdivisions from Spring to Katy. Anyway,the Klein house was hand built in 1907-Queen Anne style on 4 foot high pier&beam .The Kleins raised ,among other livestock : what used to be called p-fowl ,or more well known as peacocks. Between those 12 birds(which are first cousins to turkeys and they DO fly) and our Doberman Pinscher attack dog- NO one got onto the property:100 acres fronting Spring-Cypress Rd to FM2920.I sold my interest in the business, relocated 1982-1983 into the Binz District (just north of the Children’s Museum on Binz St.) -by the Medical Center. Lo & behold,across the street were 4 peacocks-which according to neighborhood lore – had literally flown the coup @ the Houston Zoo and relocated to Austin St. 77004. Then in 2004-2008 I lived in Piney Point (one of the heavily wooded Memorial Villages). The above referenced peacocks reIocated to Windermere Lane,when the old Vargo’s restaurant was torn down & some douchy, crappy tacky faux stucco covered bee-hive apartments were built,so these white peacocks and several multi-colored ones flew over the brick privacy wall along the South end of WIndemere Ln and viola they have a new home. I could hear these Windermere Lane birds sounding off all the time. I used to cycle & run along East & West Rivercrest Drives from Westheimer across Briar Forest Dr. up to and along Crestbend. Years prior,some then resident wanted 2 peacocks. She got her peacocks. Which had babies. Now there are quite a few peacocks roosting /roaming on the southern end of East & West Rivercrest Drives(just north of Westheimer Rd. which can only be entered from Briar Forest Dr. There are also Belgian draft horses stabled on W. Rivercrest south of Briar Forest Dr. Big horses-very similar in size to the Budwesier horses. While living in Piney Point Village, I would also ,cycle along the Terry Hershey Hike & Bike Trail system along Buffalo Bayou(which as I type this is probably under water-Thanks Harvey). One day I’m out exploring the neighborhoods adjacent to Buffalo Bayou and lo & behold on @ the far southern end of either White Wing Lane or Rancho Bauer Dr. 77079 were /are, you guessed it – Peacocks. Those darn birds are a recurring theme in my life. When I attended St.Thomas High School ( on Memorial Dr@ Shepherd) in the 1970’s,one of the school’s big benefactors,Richard Schill( a VERY successful businessman) owned a ranch outside Bellville,TX and had white peacocks. @commonsense-I hear ya re: the mating season and the a-hole neighbors who leave food out. Maybe their karma will be piles of peacock poop in their driveways!! I like the p-fowl , because they were NOT in my yard making all sorts of racket.. The 12 peacocks on the old Klein property had 100 acres to roam on. But NO- 99% of the time they roosted in the huge decades old oak & pecan trees next to the house. They only made noise when someone was @ the gate. Then oh my God. Some wise ass said I should changed my middle name to peacock. I said no !!!

  • Enjoyed the story, HappyGoLucky.
    Off on a tangent; are the guinea fowl (?) still hanging out near the area of Westheimer/Taft/Lovett?
    I’d sometimes see several them late nights and early mornings.
    They were like specters, and it came as a relief when I found out that other people had seen them too.