Pinkberry Houston Campaign: Webster and The Woodlands First

PINKBERRY HOUSTON CAMPAIGN: WEBSTER AND THE WOODLANDS FIRST Beachhead for the inevitable local invasion of second-wave frozen-yogurt pioneer Pinkberry: across I-45 from Baybrook Mall in the Baybrook Passage Shopping Center. The location, at 19325 Gulf Fwy., is scheduled to open on September 30th. The second of the dozen spots planned for the greater Houston area by the regional franchisee will be somewhere in The Woodlands, but won’t open until next year. [Houston Business Journal] Update, 11:30 am: That Woodlands location will be in The Woodlands Mall.

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  • There also appears to be one planned for BLVD Place in Uptown, according to a site map listing tenants.

  • Unless pinkberry can compete with the crazy delicious flavors at Yogurt Land, I’m not interested.

  • These places are horrible, you shovel on the candy crumbles into a frozen flow of tasty dreams and blow both your caloric sensibilties and a smilin’ Abe in one shot. But hey, it’s yogurt right, it’s ok, like getting a diet Coke with that Big Mac n’ fries. Our househould has imposed a once-weekly visitation limit.

    Waiting for the right engineering, wallet, route map and vision to roll out the first frozen yogurt truck. Capital cost competitive edge? No need for a giant top-hat exhaust chimney like all the other food trucks!

  • pinkberry is a big deal because of their following out of L.A.

    L.A. has a lot of “big deals”, but my experience has always been at best dissapointing on the bottom line quality of their area food favorites. Mastro’s was sold as a 5 star operation when I visited there…it was Sullivan’s at best. The fact that it was on Canon Drive across from the Montage, though, meant the locals slurp up the hype.

    pinkberry is the Cadillac name of yogurt concepts for high-end projects. they will do fine, make money. agreed, above, that Yogurtland is superior, though, as well as Tutti Frutti and Neo’s (local joint on Fountainview).

    In the end, 20% of these guys will not make it, the rest will thrive and grow.

  • It’s really nasty. I tried it several times when I lived in Los Angeles. Overrated and overpriced.

  • @SL, that would be the first frozen yoghurt truck in Houston presumambly. They already exist in NY, Philly, LA, SF, DC and Seattle to name the ones I am aware of.

  • I think MTV just found their house for the new season of The Real World – Houston!

  • Are frozen yogurt shops the new cupcake shops or vice versa?

    Yogurtland, Berripop, Pinkberry, Fruituzi, Red Mango, Swirlls, Tasti D-Lite, Orange Leaf…

    I remember when TCBY was all you needed, and I liked it that way! You kids.

  • Pinkberry was the first of the newer froyo generation…notice how all of the competitors have names that somewhat resemble “Pinkberry” Red Mango? Berripop? Even Yogurtland’s branding is a direct ripoff of Pinkberry. Same font, same little green leaves. The point is, Pinkberry was the first of this type of froyo, but they’re certainly not the first in the Houston market…let’s see what they can do! Competition is good.

  • ^Actually, Red Mango was the first of the newer froyo generation. The company started in South Korea in 2003. Pinkberry copied the concept and just happened to open stores in the US first.