Pitch and Pattern in a Champions Park Home

Is that an arrow or an anchor above the dining-room bay window of this well-gabled home a little more than a mile northeast of the Willowbrook Mall? Either way, the decorative timbering acts as a harbinger of the many accents, patterns, and imagery within:  


There’s filigree on the front door, in the sign over the entry, and in various other decorative forms throughout the 30-year-old Champions Park home, which was listed last week at $245,000. Many of the cased openings on the first floor feature pagoda-style toppers:

Adding to the angles in the 3,567-sq.-ft. home is the ceiling in the dining room, behind the bay window:

Painted woodwork and stained beams line the walls and the ceiling of the family room, which has a gas-log fireplace:

Also downstairs is this multi-use room, which extends into the back yard and has windows on 3 sides:

In the kitchen, which has a corner sink, the home’s signage program starts to pick up steam:

The sink faces the front yard and driveway, which leads to a 2-car garage.

The message above the breakfast bar reads “Kiss the Cook.” A bolder command, “EAT,” leads the eye outside, to the driveway:

The home’s 2nd staircase lands in the kitchen:

Among the 3 1/2 bathrooms in the home is this powder room:

The master bedroom, newly carpeted, is on the first floor:

In the front stairwell, the ceiling follows the pitch of the roof:

Eye-like images mounted at the top of the opened door keep watch on this room, one of 3 bedrooms upstairs — all of which also have new carpet. This one has a walk-in closet:

In an open room upstairs, signs of all shapes and colors send mixed messages:

The treads are a step through time:

Outside, a lone star is the lone icon. The yard has a brick walkway linking 2 patios:

The property, on a 7,700-sq-ft. lot north of FM 1960 at Cutten Rd., has a $440 annual maintenance fee.

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  • What is going on with the floor?

  • Brought to you by the design firm of Bennigan’s and Hobby Lobby. Where rustic comfort and quirky signage abound.

  • The floor is stained concrete, but, done during reno so it isn’t the unblemished, smooth effect you could get with a new pour.

    I think this house is very comfortable – nothing horrible here.

  • I really like that shade of blue on one of the bedroom’s wall.

  • To the editor: If you want to really horrify people, you should link to a similarly priced home in southern California. Not only are they absolute crap holes, no one out there seems to care or know how to decorate even in $700K homes.

  • Off lovely FM1960 where crime has shot up 40% in the last 5 years… Oh Klein/Cy Farm, what happened to you?

  • Off lovely FM1960 where crime has shot up 40% in the last 5 years… Oh Klein/Cy Farm, what happened to you?

    Has it now? It didn’t look any worse than 10 years ago when I lived up there. In fact, alot of older buildings have been rehabilitated.

    Or are you thinking of the Ella/Greenspoint side of FM 1960, a world away from the 249 corridor?

  • Seeing this made me think of the poster who asked where inside the loop he/she should move his/her young family. While this house is not my cup of tea, if the choice is this or a tear down in the Heights, its a no-brainer. How are the schools?

  • That is 2 minutes from 249; I was the lifeguard there in HS. Don’t delude yourself, FM1960 is dangerous these days. How many shootings, car jackings, violent crimes have you seen from the 1960/willowbrook area? Or do you not watch the news read the paper? Being that my cousin is a HC Sheriff operating near Tomball, I know all too well how much my home town has gone down hill, even Klein..

  • corey,

    I know its 2 minutes (well more given the traffic around willowbrook) from 249. I thought you may have been referring to the I-45 section. I was mistaken.

    Anyway, I haven’t seen a ton of news from that side of town and haven’t read about any high profile issues. Not to say that there aren’t any, but if you have any statistics, it would be helpful to give to anybody looking in the area. It doesn’t look bad and with a ton of new development in the area, it seems the commercial people aren’t afraid of it.