Plans Released of Hotel Replacing Demolished 1904 Home on 20th St.; 8 File to Replace Alvarado; New Homes Sales Likely to Stagnate

Photo: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Just what the Heights’ residents want – a five story, 37 room ’boutique’ hotel in the middle of their residential neighborhood. They should, en masse, oppose this with every fiber of their being.

  • The engraved placard at the corner of the old Texaco building reads: “Excavation started June 8, 1914. Building Completed May 1, 1915″…….. 100 years later its taken 6 years and counting just to redevelop the damn thing….

  • That’s funny, C.L. I Think you could just about characterize this area of the heights as the “Height Skyline District”. Look around…with every fiber of your being, you will spot several other buildings of the same height or greater, within a couple blocks. thanks for the laugh

  • @Naviguessor… Are any of them 37 room hotels with little to no parking ?

  • Not a single other one that fits that description. This ones got 32 spaces for 37 rooms. What an abomination!? Let’s shut the whole Heights down.

  • As someone who owns a house about 2 blocks from this site, I, for one, am outraged… that it has so much parking! The 19 on site ought to be enough. Let the flower shop be redeveloped into something other than surface parking.

  • @ C.L.- That’s absurd. There are several buildings in the immediate vicinity at the same and larger size. My eyes are developing severe strain from all the eyerolling I’ve had to do about the NIMBYism around here.

  • Glad I’m not the only one. 19th/20th have always been mostly commercial. I welcome this addition and hope it its well done and does well. It beats another strip center. Or abandoned, old dilapidated home that has no value on an overgrown, unmaintained lot.