Planting a Beer Garden in Midtown

Here’s one more place where you will be able to drink some beer in Midtown: A reader sends these photos that show one of those TABC signs and peek over the weed-draped chain-link fence that surrounds this property next to Luigi’s Pizzeria on the 3700 block of Almeda, just around the corner from HCC and the Station Museum. It appears that something called the Victory Beer Garden is intended for this site, which county records show is owned by an entity controlled by Urban Deal’s Adam Brackman. As it happens, Urban Deal owns several parcels of land in the surrounding area. And a marketing flyer for one such parcel reveals an early version of a site plan for this garden of drinking . . .


The plan shows that the 12,000-sq.-ft. garden would have plenty of outdoor seating and a few spaces for food trucks to enter from Alabama and park. As drawn, the garden would also have a path that leads to Retrospect Coffee, that crepes-and-espresso place that the Tacos A Go-Go owners are opening at that vacant gas station facing La Branch.

Images: Urban Deal (site plan); Swamplot inbox (photos)

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  • Sounds lovely but NIMBY. Dry Creek is apparently also getting a license, albeit a private club license on White Oak at Yale. Note the recently constructed fence.

  • Great. Should be synergy with Luigi’s, even though they are already a BYOB place.

  • Hell yes! I can see this from my bedroom window and couldn’t be happier about it. So…YIMBY?

  • Beer? Outdoors? A well-thought out space? Yes, please, may I have another?

  • NIMBY= not in my back yard

  • Heights Mom – stay away from Midtown and I will stay out of your “no sidewalk” poorly planned shi&&y neighborhood that you call home. I bet you and all of your neighbors sit around and compare notes on how much over 700k and what a great deal you got on your 3 story. It’s the people that made the heights cool – and now it’s other people in the heights that make me want to stay away. So what Dry Creek got a liquor lic. good for them.

  • Wonder how Luigis feels about this. To this day, they are still the only pizza place willing to deliver in my hood. They have a nice beer garden, too (and great pizza).

    Also, this is not the first headline about Almeda. Is this becoming a trend worth watching?

  • That’s it, I’m officially bummed we moved out from over there and I want to go back. :-/

  • Almeda’s got a chance to be a mini-Washington Ave. It’s an established foodie blvd between East Midtown (EaMi?..hehe)and the gentrifying 3rd Ward, plus freeway close and a back route into/from the museum/Hermann area.
    Future marketing slogan; Let’s all meet on Almeda!

  • Dana, have you ever been on Almeda? It’s going to be a long time before that is a half-decent area. It’s still ghetto and unsafe, as it’s so close to 288.

  • It looks like little whiny Lorenzo TitteDZ has a jealousy problem.

    The beer garden will be an excellent addition to the midtown scene. The product expansion of Dry Creek will be an excellent addition to the heights. Both of the respective owners are responsible community supporters. I look forward to visiting both.

    Lay off the moms, Lorenzo. It makes you look bad.

  • Howaboutyes, I’ve been on Almeda. They said the same thing about Washington 10+ years ago. The area has nowhere to go but up. And the freeway means more residential alongside it in the future. There are and will be a lot of people around there and won’t want to go to the Heights or Washington and who have $ who would enjoy a concentrated area of food/drinks and Almeda is laid out for that.

  • Dana-X….I totally agree…to any developers reading….Almeda is really ripe…it could the Med Ctrs night life area…

  • Good luck Adam.
    Re Almeda: Great location. Yeah it has some cleaning up to do but that’s why you get good deals. If you want “already cleaned up” there is plenty of places for you 10 feet away where you can pay 10x as much. I always get a kick when people think an area sucks just because its gentrification isn’t finished — when the trajectory seems all too clear to me.
    We have a cool apt building right near this place (that I bought from Adam actually – HOLMAN! Plug…) and a lot of others off Almeda. I’m very happy to see the area improving.